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Scanning Documents - Benefits For Your Company

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Benefits of Scanning Documents

Pearl Scan has seen many UK companies gain benefits through scanning documents over the past ten years. From cost-efficiency and productivity to everyday business processes. Scanning helps companies to take the leap from largely inefficient paper-based business into more efficient, digital, electronic-based processes. These companies have benefited in many ways:

• Companies that decide to use document scanning solutions gained fast access to important company information.
• You can save time and costs for business operations by scanning documents to digital format.
• The productivity of your employees will increase making their jobs easier for better time management.
• You will gain better security of sensitive company documents.
• You can now backup important documents for extra safety.
• Decreasing reliance on paper reduces storage needs and costs.
• Freeing much needed space makes room for office expansion.
• You will have increased flexibility in documents sharing and access to information.
• You can still comply with government regulations on file retention.
• You can reduce cost of office supplies: photocopier toner, fax toner and paper.
• You can scan to a huge range of formats including PDF.

Nowadays it is commonplace for many companies to have the need to stay more organized, manage their resources efficiently and protect sensitive information
Here at Pearl Scan, we offer a large range of document scanning solutions. No matter how big or small the project, we can tailor our scanning services to fit your needs. Pearl Scan has designed different document scanning services to suit every type of company and the departments within them. We can provide;

• Invoice scanning solutions for Finance Departments
• HR records management for Human Resources Departments
Legal document management for solicitors and/or legal departments
• Digital mailroom for companies with a large flow of incoming mail
• Patient medical records scanning for GP surgeries, Dentist Practice and Health Care practitioner
• Large format scanning for Architects, artists and construction sector

We also offer Document Management solutions such as:

• Secure document storage
• Cloud document management
• Image retrieval software
• Survey data capture
• Business card Scanning
Microfiche and Microfilm scanning
• Paperless office
• Book scanning

We have document scanning London, document scanning Manchester, document scanning Birmingham as well as document scanning services across the rest of the UK. Our secure vans and team of collection co-ordinators can collect your documents from anywhere in UK the same or the next day as required. We can also supply our secure A3 size boxes, which can hold bundles, folders, hanging files and any other loose documents.

Why continue accumulating paper and boxes? Start scanning documents and see the benefits working for your company. For more information on the scanning and document management services we offer, please feel free to browse our website. For a free, no obligation quote for your scanning project, follow the relevant links below.

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