Save the notebook! Scan your documents!

According to recent figures the price of paper is on the increase. Despite only suffering a small rise of 0.2% in the past three years, projected increases show that percentage could rise to 2.1% in the next three years. So what does that mean for the future use of paper in our offices?

In a lot of offices, paper surrounds us in many forms whether containing information kept in filing cabinets, folders or boxes or in the form of scribbled on notepads and sticky notes on your desk. When it comes down to saving money by buying less paper, we must decide where costs can be cut and how effective it will be.

A Comparison…

Notebooks and Sticky Notes

I am sure there are many out there like me whose trusty companion is the humble notepad. List-makers and organisers the world over rely on them to jot down thoughts and things to remember (and even the occasional doodle) but with the increasing need for businesses to cut costs, we may be forced to jot our thoughts down digitally. There are many apps out there that replicate a notepad right down to the motion of physically hand writing your notes onto the device. Depending on the size of your business and your reliance on notepads and sticky notes, ditching this form of paper could save some funds each year.

Why should we keep the notebook?

  • Taking notes has been found to retain your memory on the subject much more than typing the words on a keyboard does.
  • We can utilise a piece of notepaper a lot more than an official document by squeezing notes into the corners and down the side of the paper.
  • There is a sense of comfort that comes with the feel of a pen and paper that modern technology would not be able to replicate.

Why the notebook should go:

  • A lot of notes are temporary and may be found scrunched up in the bin at the end of the day.
  • There is always a cost involved in regularly buying notebooks which could be saved by using technology already available and sustainable in the office.
  • Notes can be saved on a gadget whereas a piece of notepaper can be easily lost.
  • To be able to write in the notebook, you need to have something to write with which adds more costs for your company’s resources.

There is certainly a good argument for keeping up with technology and putting the notebook down.

But there could be an equally as good, if not better, solution…

Stored Documents

Offices which deal with large volumes of documents on a regular basis will find that not only do they have a great deal of space taken up with filing cabinets to hold them securely, they also have a hefty bill when it comes to the paper used to print them on. But what if you could cut down those costs significantly without losing the documents completely? Document scanning services, like Pearl Scan, can take those documents and digitise them through document scanning so they are accessible from your computer at the click of your mouse. The remaining documents can then be disposed of if you so wish.

So now you’re wondering how this will save future paper funds.

Well, once you have a system up and running, you will no longer need to print out or photocopy documents as they will be available to view to those you have allowed access. The documents can also be sent by email now they are in digitised form, cutting out the need to use paper.

Picture this scenario…

You have a fairly large meeting in which 30 people are in attendance. They each need a copy of a particular five-page document which you would normally have filed away in a folder somewhere. However, since you had all of your documents scanned and fully digitised, you no longer need to photocopy your only version of the document (which has even got a little faded and worn while filed away). To save paper, you can now email a copy of the document (or allow access via the online platform it is stored on) to every member of the meeting with the advice that they read the document before the meeting and don’t print it out.

If each member follows your advice, you have successfully avoided printing out 30 copies of a five page document. That’s 150 sheets of paper saved from just one meeting! Just think of the savings you could make on a larger scale over a longer period of time.

So, if you’re looking for the most sustainable and cost effective method of saving paper there isn’t much of a contest as document scanning seems to be running away with that title. Both methods will save you money though so if you’re really on a drive to reduce paper purchase in the office then nothing is stopping you implementing both solutions. The world is going digital in all aspects of life so a future-proof office must take steps to keep up.

If you would like to learn more about the other great benefits to document scanning UK then explore our website or call us today and speak to a member of our friendly team.

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Why Choose Pearl Scan?

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