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Protecting Paperwork From Natural Disasters

The digital world is often seen as more convenient. A way to make life easier and run more smoothly, there’s a reason digital technologies are taking over the world. However as well as being infinitely more convenient, digitalisation offers up a plethora of benefits for businesses and those who have taken the plunge to a digital way of working – particularly as natural disasters become more common.

There is no denying the weather is becoming increasingly unpredictable. Breaking records left, right and centre, storms that lead to flash floods, wild fires, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes can wreak havoc for people all around the world. And as a result business owners are now having to consider all their options for ensuring the safety of their important files. Scanning documents and making the switch to digital is one of the best ways of ensuring important documents are kept safe and secure – no matter what may happen.

HR files, invoices, drawings, plans, rare and out of print books and microfilms are all sensitive pieces of information that are generally not seen by everyone in the business. And as a result, they are usually hard copies filed in specific folders and kept for end of year returns, staff changes and used for banking purposes. The problem with physical documents is they often cannot be replaced. Usually ‘one offs’, they are accessed sparingly by people and kept for reference more often than not. Now this is all well and good on the surface, but should disaster occur, businesses are often left high and dry with no means of getting back lost documents and important information. And if they can, it is often extremely expensive and time consuming to do so.

Although the loss of documents pales in comparison to the loss of life, for businesses it is incredibly important for them to be able to bounce back and ‘get back to normal’ as quickly as possible. And digitising documents is the way to make sure this happens.

Usually stored on servers or the cloud and backed up regularly, documents can be kept securely away from premises. This means that should a fire or natural disaster hit, business owners can rest assured that their documents are safe and secure so they can get on with running their business in the interim.

Easily accessible almost anywhere with an internet connection, work can carry on as ‘normal’ while the businesses’ premises are being rebuilt. Minimising the effects it has on the customers, the employees, and as a result, the business owner, it gives peace of mind to those running a business and gives them one less thing to worry about during this testing time.


Have you made the switch and experienced the benefits for yourself?

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