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Protect Perishable Records with Document Scanning Solutions

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At the end of January, a fire ripped through a Brooklyn warehouse destroying FOUR MILLION boxes of city and state records. This terrible incident just emphasises the need for a more secure document storage solution.

Fire accidents involving the loss of files and documents aren’t restricted to the US either; last weekend a fire destroyed a care company building in Wednesfield, near Wolverhampton, ruining the files stored in the building too. This is definitely a message to businesses up and down the UK to protect important files and records before disaster strikes and you no longer have the choice.

What Can Be Done?

These news stories have highlighted the vulnerability of paper copy storage and we have spoken in the past about how susceptible to the elements this kind of storage can be. But while you you can have some level of pre warning over the weather, a fire can strike in seconds and leave everything destroyed before you can save anything. So, there is only one solution that can offer reliable document safety and that is digital document storage. With a digital document storage system, you can have peace of mind that the information on your files is secure in a number of ways.

How Will Going Digital Save My Documents?secure scan on demand

Going digital with document storage offers a range of advantages over hard copy storage.

  • Digital files can be backed up to ensure that even if the original document is accidentally destroyed or lost, there are extra copies.
  • File encryption will also ensure that regardless of where the documents are stored, only the relevant parties can view the information. This will avoid incidents like after the Brooklyn warehouse fire where remnants of the burnt records could be seen by anyone around the building including personal information and private data.
  • Digital records can be stored in online cloud storage to reduce any worry of the safety of computer hard-drives should a fire break out.
  • With less flammable paper held on your premises, it is likely that in the event of a fire, there will be less materials to fuel it with potentially less damage caused.

Digital documents protect from bad weather, fire, theft, loss and damage; it’s a no brainer!

How Pearl Scan Can Help

You don’t want to find out all of your company records have been destroyed, especially when there is a simple solution. Records scanning from Pearl Scan offers the document safety and security you need with minimal disruption. We offer a bespoke yet affordable service which you can tailor to suit the needs of your company and have your digital documents exactly how you want them. The document scanning process is simple; check out this useful infographic for a rundown of how we digitise your documents.

Implementing a digital document management system with Pearl Scan offers document security and so much more including costs savings, space savings and increased office efficiency. For more information on our record scanning service, check out our blogsbrowse the website or get in touch today for a free, no obligation quote for your scanning project.

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