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Proof of delivery scanning more important in this day and age

Document scanning has become a popular practice in modern business worlds. And not least for logistics companies.

When telephones became a popular (and affordable) fixture in modern society, people decided to stop sending letters and instead pick up the phone. And as a result, posties worried for their future job security and whether the Royal Mail had a place in society. As letters, parcels and packets died off further – thanks to the introduction of the internet and emails – the Royal Mail cut back on deliveries and manpower. But then the unexpected happened; internet shopping became a revelation.

First introduced in 1979 by English entrepreneur Michael Aldrich, he pioneered online shopping during the 1980s. He designed, manufactured, sold, installed, supported and maintained many online shopping systems using videotex technology, however it wasn’t until 1994 that the first secure retail transaction over the internet was made. Reports are mixed as to whether it was by NetMarket or Internet Shopping Network. The following year, Amazon.com launched its online shopping site, swiftly followed by eBay. And at the time, no one knew what key players they would be in the modern world.

Last year, 65% of internet users in the EU shopped online according to official figures, and in the UK, that figure is even more staggering. The idea of ecommerce has really hit the mark with the British public, and we are now one of the biggest consumers of online goods. Spending rose by an incredible 11% last year, with 27% of sales now taking place online. Partially blamed on the rise of m-commerce (the prominence of mobile devices as a way to purchase goods), forecasters are certain that online shopping will continue to grow and dominate for years to come.

With millions of parcels being delivered every single day in Britain, and tens of millions being delivered all around the world from all four corners, the importance of keeping proof of delivery safe has never been higher. Delivery and logistics companies often rely on paper-based delivery notes and sheets that are then filed away. However these can easily get lost, misplaced or damaged due to the elements. The only sure-fire way to keep these documents safe and secure is by digitising them. Proof of delivery scanning is a specialised service that can help free up space, keep records dating back years and be used should there be any disputes.

Scanning in delivery notices allows them to be stored on a single disk or network, which makes them easily accessible for all employees. It also means the documents can be found through simple searches at the touch of a couple of buttons.

Pearl Scan has many years’ experience working with businesses to scan important and confidential documents in order to create streamlined and effective workforces as technology changes the way we do things. Find out more about our proof of delivery scanning.

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