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Photo Scanning Gets Ryder Cup History Online

Photo Scanning Gets Ryder Cup History Online

Last month, with the help of photo scanning technology, a large portion of golfing photographs from a collection by Lawrence Levy were available to view online.

The project by St Andrew's University will make the photos widely available for the first time, reaching audiences previously unavailable. 250,000 photographs were donated to the university and there are currently 10,000 of those scanned. It is a huge undertaking for the university but the benefits of having the collection readily available to view for golf and photography fans will reap its own rewards:

  • They are now available in a more permanent format
  • They can stand the test of time as there will be no worry that the photos will be damaged, lost or stolen
  • They can be accessed from anywhere for free.
  • Some of the photos are being seen for the first time

Photos that were taken on film cameras were initially only available in print form but now it is possible to scan photos into digital format or even to scan the negatives before they have even been printed.

Negative Scanningnegative-scanning-services

Back in the days when we would have our photos developed when the film was full, our printed photos would be given to us with their negatives should we wish to develop the photos again. With photo scanning services like that at Pearl Scan, those negatives can be scanned to digital using a state of the art negative scanner and then be available on your computer at the click of a mouse.

Since the phasing out of analogue cameras, negative scanning has been more in demand than ever. This has also been helped along by the rise of genealogy (family tracing) websites. Some of the sites give you the opportunity to put pictures into your family tree prompting the need for digital copies of old photos.

Negative scanning can be particularly useful if only the negative of the photo has survived and you would like to edit, enlarge or keep the photo safe for future use.

Photo Scanningcamera

Sometimes the only copy of a photo you have is a developed version after the negative have been lost or disposed of. Due to high quality photo scanners, it is now possible to get digital copies of photos where the quality is not compromised through the scanning process. Here at Pearl Scan, we can scan old photos to digital helping them to last longer so your memories can be shared and passed down through further generations. Both photos and negatives can be scanned to PDF as well as JPEGs and TIFFs, among many other formats to make them compatible with the purpose you wish to use them for.

Large scale projects like that at St Andrew's University are being conducted more and more to make photos future-proof and more accessible. Pearl Scan have over a decade's worth of experience in photo and negative scanning as a company and our staff have over 30 years of experience with a dedication to providing you with the best possible service.

If you would like to know more about our photo and negative scanning services, explore our blog posts by following the relevant links on the left hand side or give us a call to speak to one of our friendly team.

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