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Pearl Scan respond to client demand with wide range of specialist scanning services

It is no secret that advances in document digitisation and cloud based storage has revolutionised many professions and applications, yet many industries are not able to access these benefits due to having highly specialised document scanning requirements that go beyond a simple paper file. Innovators in scanning technology, Pearl Scan have the skills and technical tools to enable a wide range of niche industries to leverage the benefits of document scanning.

Founded in 2004, Pearl Scan has responded to its client’s demands and now offers a wide range of specialised scanning services, catering to even the most specific of scanning requirements. As well as being able to scan and store conventional paper files such as letters, records and invoices, Pearl Scan also offers data capture from surveys for marketing professionals, proof of delivery scanning for logistics companies and X-ray scanning for medical services. 

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan said, “When I started Pearl Scan in 2003, I had a vision of the business potential that document scanning and management technology could enable and now, 13 years later, this potential has certainly been realised. With hi-tech advances such as OCR technology and a range of new trade tools and software being released, there are very few applications that cannot be streamlined with the help of a document scanning and management solution.”   

Ashraf continued, “During our years in operation, Pearl Scan has developed from being simply a high quality document scanning provider, to the total digital document management hub it is today. We have worked hard to create our own in-house software Halogen to manage files digitally, formed a specialised division aimed specifically at the legal sector, invested in the latest technology and more, all to keep up with the needs of our diverse clients. This is our number one priority and we are constantly striving to please our customers with our range of document scanning and management services.”


Pearl Scan offers tailor made document scanning solutions that are suitable for a variety of industries, offering HR document management, invoice scanning, legal document scanning, education sector scanning, medical record scanning, X-ray scanning, proof of delivery, microfilm and microfiche scanning conversion and building control scanning.  

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