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Pearl Scan can help educational institutions get ready for the new term

Pearl Scan can help educational institutions get ready for the new term

As we enter September, students of all ages have been getting ready to return to their schools, colleges and universities for another academic year, stocking up on new equipment to help them with their studies. Just like the students, now is also the perfect time for educational institutions to prepare for the up-coming term with upgraded technology by switching to paperless with the help of document scanning experts, Pearl Scan.

Using its dedicated scanning facility and cutting edge document imaging equipment, Pearl Scan offers document scanning services that are especially designed for the education sector. As well as providing an on-going service, a scan-on-demand solution for ‘pay as you go’ or on-demand scanning is also on offer, allowing each document to be digitised only when it is needed. No matter the budget restriction, educational institutions of all sizes can utilise the benefits of this latest technology in a low cost way to create a more productive educational environment.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan said, “Any professional environment that relies on a large amount of physical documentation can have their workflows streamlined by storing these files digitally, and the benefits of document scanning in the education sector are endless.”   

Ashraf continued, “We understand that budgets can often be limiting for educational facilities, which may hold some back from investing in digital archiving, what they may think is, an expensive document management solution. However, we believe that every business has the right to enjoy a revolutionised, more productive working environment, enabled by efficient document scanning. We urge any school, college or university that is looking to make the move to paperless to get in touch with us today, to discuss the options for document scanning for the education sector that are available.”

Pearl Scan collects entire archives of paper documentation from each of its clients, to then be stored in its highly secure storage facility. Once digitised, files can either be kept safe with Pearl Scan or destroyed responsibly. Pearl Scan is registered with the ICO for data protection, and any document it handles is treated with utmost confidentiality.   

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