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Patient Online- Digital Records Scheme

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A new scheme from NHS England involving the digitisation of patient records promises to benefits both patients and healthcare organisations across the country.

According to the official definition, Patient Online is

“an NHS England programme designed to support GP practices to offer and promote online services to patients, including access to records, online appointment booking and online repeat prescriptions.”

This program has come about as a result of the digitisation of patients’ records to make it possible for them to be viewed in that online format. While a great deal of services are already offered digitally such as online appointments and prescription ordering, it is hoped that by this coming month (April, 2015) patient records will be fully digitised.

Advantages of Medical Record Scanningview medical records online

  • Access- Patients will be able to access their GP records from any device with access to the internet at any time.
  • Time- As a result of patients being able to directly access their records online, there will be a significant amount of pressure released from GP surgeries leaving them time to deal with necessary appointments.
  • Security- Despite the increased access, patients don’t have to worry about the security of their data because digital files offer a great deal more security than their paper counterparts.

What Does This Mean For The Healthcare Sector?

With the right system in place, this new scheme could bring some major benefits for patients and the healthcare sector as a whole. According to this NHS England video there has been no negative feedback so far from the digital switch so everything is on course to boost the reputation of healthcare services without compromising on patient care.

What do you think about the digital record scanning? Can it improve the healthcare system in your area?

Services to Scan Medical Records

Here at Pearl Scan, we are dedicated to helping healthcare organisations benefit from implementing digital records management. Our medical record scanning service has been trusted by a large number of reputable companies in London, Manchester, Birmingham and across the UK and we offer a secure nationwide collection service so, regardless of your location, we can help.

We provide a fully bespoke scanning service as well as optional OCR processing and also the use of our specially designed document retrieval software, Halogen or you can store patient records in our secure cloud platform, Pearl Cloud. If you are interested in finding out more, give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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