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Northern Floods Highlight Need for Digital Copies

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Northern Floods Highlight Need for Digital Copies of Precious Memories

Whenever there is a natural (or not so natural) disaster, one’s first priority should always be preserving life, rather than property. But preventing the destruction of property before disaster strikes can help keep priorities in order when the worst happens. Recent, repeated flooding in Cumbria has highlighted this fact for many. When evacuations are underway, there is invaluable peace of mind in knowing one can leave paperwork and even hardware behind, knowing that digital backups of business data and personal memories are safe elsewhere.

Chaos in Cumbria

Communities in Cumbria have been subjected once again to destructive flooding—flooding that has resulted in untold damage in Appleby, Keswick, Kendal, and Glenridding. For many, this is the third time in merely a month that the floodwaters have breached their banks to trespass onto their property. Flooding in the North of England has now also affected parts of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

Natural disasters cannot always be predicted, and they cannot always be adequately prepared for—as one Appleby woman commented, “Normally, when it floods it doesn’t really affect the homes as much because of the flood defences, but it has gone right over the top of them, which we did not expect.”

Modern Technology Preserves Memories, Data

When our physical defences fail, sometimes there is no option but to make do until the disaster subsides and it’s time to rebuild. Thankfully, there is a way to protect so much of what’s important to us—and to protect it so well, and so efficiently that not even nature’s wrath can endanger it.

Fifty years ago, protecting a precious family album, a shop ledger book, the letters of loved ones, or a plethora of other sentimental or practical items could send some back into dangerous conditions to retrieve them. Losing those things could add to the financial or emotional devastation wrought by such disasters. Today, however, that needn’t be the case. Saving digital copies of photos and paperwork is easier than ever before, and those digital copies can then be backed up to the cloud, accessed from any place.

Digitize and Backup Your Documents Today

Don’t wait until disaster strikes. For important data and memories that already exist in digital form, research cloud services that offer redundancy and safeguards to protect your files. For those that don’t already exist in digital form, start scanning—or enlist the aid of a service that can help you digitize documents in bulk, so that you can back them up and preserve them permanently.

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