More Businesses Going Digital to Save Space

February 27th, 2015

Paperless Office Solutions more businesses going digital to save space 

According to a survey by CoreNet Global, the amount of office space per employee has shrunk enormously in the last three or four years.

Since 2010, space has gone from 225 square feet to a mere 150 square feet on average. That’s a drop of over 60% in a short period of time! Because of this, companies are constantly looking for new ways to lower the amount of office space they consume. Like seemingly everything at the moment rental prices for offices are continuously rising with the average price for office space in London now around £65 per square foot per year according to APM Property Consultants. The most expensive office locations in the world are in the West End.

Innovative office furniture has become one of the more popular solutions, such as desk end filing systems but these things are limited at best and ultimately temporary. More and more companies are turning to increasingly permanent solutions as they find those solutions are worthy of the relatively small investment because they offer a truly lasting and consistent solution in a very changeable world. One solution is going digital or going ‘paperless’ as it has come to be known.

What is paperless in the office?

We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘paperless office’ before, in some cases even mockingly, but the terms has been misconstrued and taken out of proportion. Whilst it appears to suggest that an office would literally go without paper, it is more a buzz word for significantly reducing the amount of paper used whether that’s on a daily basis or in a current system. It seems to be mocked openly as we are so used to paper and we will always be reliant on it in some way because we have been holding it in in our hands in some form or another for the past thousand years.

As I’ve said, a paperless office is an office with a significantly reduced amount of paper usage rather than an office devoid of all paper. The former is frankly not plausible and not realistic. But there comes a point when paper can be a hindrance, especially when there are alternative options out there that not only make life easier but also can save significant amounts of money for organisations in the process. Amazingly time wasted handling documents is at an all-time high despite our new found love of everything electronic, so why not bring some of the digital world into the place where we ultimately spent the majority of our lives?

How Going Digital Helpspaperless-office-solutions

Now we’ve established more about going digital (and dismissed a couple of urban legends about the paperless office), we can now move on to why going digital in the office is such a good thing. Here we’ll focus on just one of the many reasons; it saves space and potentially a lot of it.

How many filing cabinets and sets of drawers does your office space actually have? If you really think about it, a fully-fledged filing cabinet is the size of an adult man and that’s room taken by an inanimate object. But of course it has its purpose; it stores essential documents that need visiting either on a daily basis or just from time to time. However, the point of going digital or ‘paperless’ is to alleviate this dilemma. The technology is in place to allow us to make documents digital and store them in a way that is accessible yet space saving.

If files are indexed by a client name, a folder title such as ‘Expenses 2011′ or anything like that, they can appear in a digital environment too. There is a mind-set that going digital in an environment that has an established system will change everything but it will, in fact, remain relatively similar if not easier. You might just avoid all those annoying paper cuts too!

Being able to search through thousands of documents in mere seconds and finding what you need almost instantaneously means that time is being saved which will then save money in the long run. This system can be put in place for any number of these reasons; saving space, saving money, saving time, but in the end your organisation will ultimately benefit from them all.

Businesses going digital to save space

Amongst the hundreds of businesses going digital each year in order to save space, there is one sector you may not have thought would benefit but they do. That is architects.

Architects don’t have a lot of documentation, like a large organisation in finance might, but the documents that they do have are huge. Architects drawings are usually above A0 in size which is sixteen times A4. They therefore take a lot of space, especially when they are accumulated over the years. Most of the time, architects are expected to have large office spaces in central city locations and space can very easily be consumed by these drawings whether in large sets of drawers, rolled up in cardboard tubes or simply folded and put into cupboards. Larger and more established firms have been known to have thousands of drawings just sitting there waiting for a time they need to be used such as when one of the buildings they designed needs to be worked on or updated. These are hugely inconvenient to use just because of their sheer size.

Digitising large format drawings is not difficult or expensive as the drawings can be run through large format scanners that have been specially made for the job. Converting them to PDF and disposing of the originals can save a huge amount of space which can be used for other means or just to give staff more room in which to work.

Paperless office solutions and scanning services from Pearl Scan can assist a large range of organisations from all sectors including the legal sector, healthcare and education. If you would like some more information on how document scanning can help you and your company explore the possibilities of a paperless office, get in touch today or request a free, no obligation quote for your scanning project.

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