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Mobile Scanning Apps Ease Paperless Transition

 mobile scanning apps ease paperless transition

As mobile technology continues to dominate the market, companies are being urged to switch to paperless operations more than ever. Feeling apprehensive about embracing the digital revolution and going paperless? No need, Pearl Scan Solutions make for a seamless transition – Find out why…

Why go Paperless?

According to, waste reduction specialists and advocates of the paperless revolution, a single employee easily prints as much as 10,000 pieces of paper per year. Research also shows that 400 reams of paper is equivalent to 1.25 acres of pines and paper production accounts for more than 40% of wood pulp repurposing.

Can’t see the wood for the trees? Going paperless does not only help companies save significant amounts of money, it also propels productivity and dramatically reduces space used for paper. Add to the equation a go-green campaign that is sure to attract eco-minded clients.

Why Mobile Technology?

Here at Pearl Scan Solutions we believe that the best way for companies to benefit fully from document scanning is to hire professionals to make the transition as succinct as possible. For companies still in two minds about switching to digital storage and wary of the excess of mobile applications now available on both Android and iOS markets, Pearl Scan Solutions can find the best fit for company needs.

With sustainability and efficiency on every company agenda, applications such as Evernote’s Scannable, Google Drive and FineScanner make it easy for employees to scan documents on the go. No longer do they need to risk losing pieces of paper when on the move. Gone are the days of scanning receipts on route, taking notes on a whiteboard, or scribbling a rushed to-do list of the nearest scrap of paper – these on-the-go apps take a snapshot of a file and do the job for you. While this doesn’t mean that your admin assistant is superfluous to needs, text recognition technology does however, transform a photograph into a digital format that can be saved to the Cloud for future reference on other devices.

Where to Start

Companies looking to see how document scanning will benefit them, do not have to feel that they are throwing themselves into the deep end. Start slowly by scanning small documents with simple, easy-to-use apps that provide immediate benefits or trial a cloud service where employees can access files anywhere, saving valuable company time.

Pearl Scan Solutions believes that size doesn’t matter. All companies large or small can benefit from digital scanning solutions. Regardless of the product or service, mobile technology and document scanning applications are just the beginning for businesses on the road to effective paperless operations. All that is left is to find the right service for you.

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