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Lower Cost of Tablets Promotes Paperless Offices

Falling Costs of Tablets Promotes Paperless

With the falling costs of tablets and mobile devices it is becoming easier and easier for organisations to adopt a 'paperless' or 'paper-light' approach to working life.

When devices such as iPads and eReaders first came onto the market, organisations would have been forgiven for dismissing them as too costly but there has been a significant reduction in the price and availability of them recently. You can now purchase basic tablets for as little as £30. As a result, they can now be seen as a more worthwhile investment for companies wanting to reduce their paper usage while also increasing efficiency.

Benefits of Using Portable Devices

Put simply, they are;

  • Cheapercost-of-tablets
  • Quicker
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Less space consuming

What Else Is Needed?

When an organisation is looking to go paperless, they cannot usually rely on the use of static computer stations alone to conduct all of their business when paper is made redundant. In the past, that was where paper documents and files would come into it, but now, when staff need information while away from their desks, it can be accessed on tablets and mobile devices instead. Of course this all only works if the organisation has a digital document management system in place. Also, if they are looking for older documents, they would need to have them scanned into the system so they can be accessed in digital format.

Once all documents have been scanned, they can be indexed and OCR converted to make them searchable through their title, date or contents among many more categories.

x-ray-scanning-serviceWhat Results Will Be Seen?

It is quite possible, depending on the size of your business, that buying iPads or tablets in bulk to give to staff members on the understanding that they won't print documents that can be accessed on the move will cut costs massively in the long term. Depending on your paper usage and amount of staff, switching to mobile devices could just be the innovative solution you are looking for to take steps to make your office paperless.

Pearl Scan can help if you choose to switch to a digital document management system and we also provide document scanning solutions. If you would like some more information on how our services can help you, get in touch today.

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