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Looking after employees just got easier

In this modern and stressful world, employee wellbeing should be at the top of business’ lists, but according to one of the country’s leading suppliers of documents scanning and data capture solutions, that isn’t always possible with old fashioned means of document management.

Pearl Scan, which boasts over a decade of experience working within the document scanning and data capture industry, has urged companies to take employee wellbeing seriously by focusing their efforts on HR departments, and highlighted how it is possible to get maximum results with minimal effort.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan Group, said, “Human Resource departments are a critical component of employee wellbeing in any business, in any sector and of any size, yet often they are overlooked and put to the bottom of the pile. It’s imperative that businesses look after their staff to keep up morale and look after individual mental wellbeing to ensure the happiness and safety of their staff, while keeping up productivity.

“Swapping to a paperless system can make a significant difference to HR departments. Embracing the digital revolution helps to cut down on time wasted looking for personnel files and records, and allows them to use that time assisting workers and concentrate on individual cases.”

HR responsibilities include payroll, perks and benefits, hiring and firing, and keeping up to date with training and tax. All of this requires a lot of paperwork for compliance and records for each employee. Not only does this take up an incredibly large amount of space, but no matter how organised a filing system is, there will be times when files simply cannot be found and time need to be spent locating or replacing them. But by operating a paperless office, this will become a thing of the past.

“Any mix-up concerning paperwork can cause major legal problems for businesses,” added Naveed. “It can also lead to employee dissatisfaction due to something being missed. But with a digital system, the chances of this happening are much slimmer, as files can’t go missing or be destroyed. These files are also available at the click of a button should they need to be accessed to meet compliance needs.”

Peal Scan is one of the UK’s most successful document scanning companies. It has provided businesses with HR data capture and document management solutions for more than ten years. The company boasts a stellar track record, having worked with the NHS, the BBC, AVIVA and defra, but to name a few.

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