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Let’s Get the Nation Reading Again With Book Scanning!

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A survey revealed that 54% of young people would rather watch tv than spend time reading and almost a fifth of children said they “would be embarrassed if a friend saw them with a book”. So how can we make reading accessible and acceptable once again?

The Findings

The findings also revealed that just three in ten young people read in their spare time. These figures and the decline in children reading could be attributed to the rise in digital technology such as tvs, computers, tablets and smartphones. Children would much rather spend time on those devices than sitting down and reading a hard copy book. So this is where we have to be clever to attract young people back to the written word; with book scanning.

What is Book Scanning?Book Scanning Service6

Book scanning is the process of digitising books and converting them to a range of eBook formats such as Kindle, iBook, ePub and Flipping Book. These books can then be read on eReaders whenever and wherever you want. Since the rise in popularity of eReaders in the past decade, more and more books have been made available in this format and lots have been released solely in this way.

How Can Book Scanning Help?

Book scanning offers a wide range of advantages to get young people reading again;

  • Digital books can be accessed on a range of devices from Kindles and iPads to smartphones and laptops so children can even disguise the fact that they’re reading a book.
  • eBooks only take up virtual space so children can take them wherever they go without weighing them down.
  • Children can access books they wouldn’t normally be able to with huge eBook libraries.
  • Fragile books can be protected from the sticky fingers of children by being read digitally.
  • Books can be shared easier with friends who can then read them on their own devices.

Scanning Services

Here at Pearl Scan, we can scan books to a wide range of required formats. You can tailor this service to suit your needs and we handle the entire process from the collection of your books to delivery of the digitised version. We scan books using one of two different methods, bound and unbound scanning using either a document feed scanner or upright overhead scanner. Both methods have their advantages and you can see these on our dedicated book scanning page. If you can’t find the information you need there don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also request a free, no obligation quote for your project by completing the online form through the relevant links below.

Come on, let’s take action and get children reading again!

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