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Legal Scanning Can Improve Productivity

legal scanning
Recent findings have suggested that many law firms are will be focussing on improving productivity this year and we think, with the help of document scanning and efficient document management, this is fully achievable.

Workshare recently conducted a survey of law firms and found that 68% want to improve the efficiency and productivity of their offices. Today we’re going to take a look at the problems they are said to be facing and whether digitising documents could help to improve office productivity.

What Slows Down Productivity?

According to the results of Workshare’s survey, there are five main things that slow down productivity and cause case completion to stall;

  • Slow document turnaround (59%)
  • Consolidating feedback (49%)
  • Comparing documents (29%)
  • Others working on the wrong version (23%)
  • Locating relevant comments (22%)

How Can Things Be Improved?

Those are understandable problems and clearly point towards an issue with document management but don’t worry, the solution is a simple one. Scanning documents that are currently just stored in hard copy will go a long way to improving the way law firms manage their documents because digital files make viewing, sharing and editing an almost instant process. If a simple yet effective document management process is put in place and files are fully indexed and stored in one place you could start to see the improvements almost immediately.

Other Benefits of Legal Document Scanningbenefits of legal scanning

Besides improvements in efficiency, productivity, workflow and document flexibility, legal document scanning brings a wide range of other benefits too;

  • Cost savings- abolish storage costs and printing, ink and paper costs.
  • Space savings- storing documents digitally means you can still comply to file retention laws but you can also free up space previously used for physical file storage.
  • Increased security- you can secure digital files with file encryption and password protection to ensure sensitive information is only accessed by the right people.

In fact, there’s so many it’s not hard to see why more and more legal firms are having their documents scanned.

What Can We Do?

We are a document scanning company which specialises in the scanning of legal documents such as case files, police reports, contracts, wills, financial files and many more. To improve our clients productivity, we can apply OCR software to the scanned files so they are fully text searchable by titles and contents to ensure instant file retrieval.

We are fully accredited to ISO security certificates and understand the need for data to be kept secure. All projects are completed under strict supervision and we offer a high level of file encryption for all of your scanned files. We can scan to a range of formats including PDF, PDF searchable, TIFF and JPEG and you can tailor the service to suit your needs. We offer a quick turnaround to digitise legal documents so you won’t be without your documents for long. For more information about how we scan your legal files, explore our dedicated page or get in touch today for a free no obligation quote.

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