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Large format scanning makes big files manageable


In industries such as engineering, building and construction, as well as creative field such as art and design, huge archives of discarded rolls of paper in the form of plans, technical drawings and large scale artworks will often accumulate over time in the working environment. While these oversized files are essential to anyone working in these fields they can be difficult to manage, store safely and are hard to transport when showing them to clients off-site. Document scanning technology has been revolutionising businesses across the country for many years, and large format scanning services mean that these huge drawings and documents can be transformed into digital format, solving these problems and instantly making big files manageable.

Pearl Scan has been offering document digitisation services since 2003, leading the industry in terms of the standard and diversity of the services that it provides. The scanning company offers tailor made large format scanning solutions and plans scanning services, using cutting edge scanning skills, technology and know-how to create highly accurate digital representations of bigger files and documents.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan says, “Whether you are an engineer drafting up your latest project or you are an artist that likes to work on a bigger scale, there are some professions where physical drawings on pieces of paper are necessary, and they must be large for it to be worthwhile. Although this is an essential part of many job roles, the fact remains that these oversized files present many problems when it comes to storage and practicality. Large format document scanning is the answer, giving piece of mind by preserving the information kept on these files while also allowing a practitioner to quickly access their work in its virtual form on any smartphone, tablet or computer when the digital document is stored on a cloud based platform.”

As well as being able to process both one-off document scanning requirements and larger, bulk scanning projects, Pearl Scan offers its client’s exclusive access to its unique cloud based document storage platform, Halogen Cloud once all files have been digitised. Developed by Pearl Scan in-house, Halogen Cloud enables customers to store and access their files to the cloud network, ready to be retrieved from any location. This software, coupled with a large document scanning service can revolutionise the way that many engineering, construction and design firms operate, making it much easier to handle drawings and blueprints of any size. 

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