Is The Age Of The Printed Newspaper Ending?

February 27th, 2015

Is The Age Of The Printed Newspaper Ending?

With an increasing reliability and popularity of computers and other electronic technology, more people than ever are choosing not to buy newspapers in hard copy form and are instead relying on online resources for their daily fix of news, sport and gossip. So, is paper really dying out on a large scale? In this instant generation, are we just too impatient for printed news? What could this mean for the way paper is integrated within other aspects of life such as business?

Last year, the National Office of Statistics published results which found that more than half of UK adults now access their news online as opposed to buying printed newspapers.

Depending on the nature of their online platform, this could be increasingly bad news for some companies within the newspaper industry. The companies’ revenue from printed news will more than likely have experienced a decrease within the past couple of years. This money will have to be made up elsewhere which is why the UK’s most read newspaper, The Sun, has a scheme in place which charges people to view their online content. Subsequently, it is interesting to see that while having by far the most readers of their printed news, when it comes to online news, The Sun falls behind rivals such as the Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian who do not charge people to view their news content.

Why do people prefer to read their news online?pulp-mac

News read online can be accessed instantaneously and is often more recent news as it can be posted instantly rather than having to wait for the newspaper to be printed. Aside from that, there is a vast increase in software which allows you to view the latest stories online using RSS feeds, such as Pulp for Mac.

Pulp basically takes the content that you choose to view and gives it an in-software newspaper experience, with a simplistic interface. Yet another reason for people to no longer buy a physical newspaper.

What does that mean for Pearl Scan?

As a document scanning company, you might think the decline of print would effect a company like ours in a big and negative way, but it’s quite the opposite. We are seeing many people calling and emailing us who are finding that life without paper isn’t actually all that bad and, if anything, it makes life considerably easier for them. As a result, they are expanding their need for less clutter and greater organisation. By talking to us about further uncluttering their office, we can provide them with systems that work better and would help the company in their achievements and forward progress.

The world is changing and, as businesses, we have to change with them, ourselves included. We accept this need because it has been coming for quite some time, however; it seems that only now the majority of the world is seeing the serious aspects of it. A ridiculous and needless amount of paper is wasted every year and is not being adequately replaced which is leading to environmental problems as well as reduced paper availability in some parts of the world.

But, above all, we are changing as people. Everything is becoming smaller, easier to use, easier to work with and quicker to access. We, as people, are now craving efficiency and the business world is no longer deciding to stand still.

There’ll always be paper around and that’s something we’re sure of because some people just like the feel of something physical in their hand. It is almost suggestive that work is actually being done because there’s a lack of familiarity in sending an email rather than physically handing someone a piece of paper or document. But the world is progressing and at Pearl Scan we’re glad about this, as it means a better future both environmentally and for the efficiency of companies everywhere.

How is this relevant to my business?blackberry-smaller

The way business handles its documents is being effected in exactly the same way that the newspaper industry currently is. It is progressing slower than the internet news boom was, but it is coming. It’s always best to be one step ahead, like a canny journalist, and see what’s coming before it catches up with you and you find that your company’s efficiency is yesterday’s news. Take steps to becoming a paperless business and enquire about digitising documents today. Get in touch to speak to a member of our friendly and experienced team, browse our website or complete our ‘request a quote’ form by following the relevant links below.

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