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If The Vatican Can Go Digital, So Can You


If The Vatican Can Go Digital, So Can You

The Vatican library was formally established in 1475 but they have made sure to keep up with the times through digitalisation.

The library is now projecting itself further into the new age by digitising 80,000 ancient manuscripts so they can be viewed online. Through new software and information, the internet can take you to anywhere in the world, metaphorically speaking. Now those who may not ever have the chance to visit the library, due to its strict rules on visitors, can view some of the information it holds. There are currently 500 manuscripts online with some 3,000 more expected to be available to view by 2018. Access to the documents is free but there is a plea for donations so the scanning process can extend to more of the library's catalogue.
The project is taking 50 experts using five state-of-the-art scanners. Once the documents have been scanned, the manuscripts will be placed into storage in "temperature and humidity-controlled anti-atomic bunkers."

This isn't the first time The Vatican has utilised scanning services. Back in 1951, they used microfilm scanning services to begin the process of digitising over 37,000 manuscripts for display in the Vatican Film Library in St Louis, Missouri. The project was eventually finished in 2007 due to its size and the costs of scanning such volume.

While a lot of everyday scanning projects tend to be undertaken as a way of reducing paper storage, this project's main focus is preserving the priceless documents and making them accessible to the everyday person. Like we said, if the Vatican can do it then so can you. Whatever your reason for seeking document scanning solutions, we at Pearl Scan can help.

While we assume that you don't have quite the volume of documents The Vatican has, we endeavour to provide scanning services for all kinds of project sizes and types. If you would like to find out more information on the huge range of scanning solutions we provide, including scanning your documents, scanning your books and scanning your microfiche, feel free to browse our website or call us to speak to a member of our friendly team.

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