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How to know you’re ready to go paperless

How to know you’re ready to go paperless

Making the change to a completely paperless office can be a scary thought. However the idea of getting rid of large, cumbersome filing cabinets and endless piles of paperwork on desks is extremely appealing. Bringing a whole host of benefits, a paperless office is one of the most desired principles in the business world. But how exactly do you know when you’re ready to go paperless?

You can’t remember the colour of your desk

You may have umpteen storage cabinets and files, but the ease of keeping paper documents on your desk is all too attractive. If you’ve forgotten what colour your desk is, then it really is the time to start thinking about making the switch.

You’re using cloud storage more and more


Even if you’ve not embraced a paperless office yet, the chances are you will use cloud storage on a daily basis. Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive are popular in the business world, so if you find you’re using these more and more, why not take the plunge?

Your filing system is overflowing


Storing hard copies of every transaction, contract, email, contact, and memo can take up a lot of storage space. And even if you’re the most organised person in the world, you will still find that after a couple of years that paperwork builds up until you physically can’t fit any more in.

You can’t find what it is you’re looking for

Large folders that are full of paperwork making locating files extremely difficult. If you find you’re spending more time looking for documents than actually doing work, then a switch to digital may be imminent.

You’re concerned about the security of your documents

Every business has sensitive documents or files containing information that it doesn’t want to be made common knowledge. Obviously it is very easy for work to fall into the wrong hands. So if you’re concerned that confidential or sensitive information may be seen by persons that it shouldn’t, digitising these documents can help to put your mind at rest.

You’re becoming concerned with disaster recovery

The increase in natural disasters – such as floods and fires is making business owners more wary about their documents. Physical paper documents are extremely flimsily and can be destroyed in a matter of seconds. Digital documents on the other hand are backed up regularly and hosted away from danger.

You look at your business and notice it can be streamlined


If you’re constantly looking around and thinking of ways it can be improved, then do not overlook digitalisation. Getting rid of old manual processes can significantly improve productivity.

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