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How to increase staff morale and productivity

How to increase staff morale and productivity

At the Pearl Scan Group, we work with many HR departments to deliver our human resources record scanning solutions. We know how important it is for these departments to ensure that the staff they look after are consistently productive, but finding the right ways in which to do this can be difficult. While some use fear and applying pressure as an attempt to boost productivity, more business owners and HR managers are now utilising the power of positive leading and increasing morale as a way to keep productivity high. Boosting morale within a team can help to maintain levels of enthusiasm within your workforce that will then result in a better working output!

Read on as we list some ways in which you can increase staff morale and productivity in your organisation:

Care about your staff

Gone are the days when a boss was separated from the bigger workforce, now a senior member of staff must integrate fully within their team in order to keep staff morale high. Making the effort to remember people’s birthdays or congratulate staff when new weddings, babies or other special occasions are announced. By doing this, you are appealing to them on a human level, and they will feel happier working for a company that is involved in their life and shows care.

Show recognition

Just as it is important to approach staff when they have something personal to celebrate, recognising your employees when they do well at work is a great way to ensure that this level of performance continues. If a member of staff is consistently working hard, but they feel that their efforts aren’t appreciated then they will soon become de moralised, which will have a direct effect on their performance.    

Offer room for growth

Almost every member of your workforce will be looking to improve themselves professionally at some point in their career, and once they feel that they have outgrown the skill level that their current job requires, they will start to search for a promotion. If your company actively encourages your staff to grow through specific training programmes that can lead to a new role at the end of it, then your employees are likely to remain working hard with their ambition to motivate them. If they feel that they will be ‘stuck in a rut’ working for your company, they will have nothing to work towards and will stop going that extra mile to complete each task to the best of their ability.

Create a streamlined environment

Staff will work better if you make it easy for them to do their job. Implementing the correct tools, systems and facilities to streamline their workflow can be a great way to increase morale. For example, those working in HR require access to a large amount of files and documentation every day in order to do their job. If your office is unorganised, filled with clutter and lacking in storage space then they could become frustrated. Making a simple change such as scanning these documents to PDF to create a digital database, or using HR file scanning solutions can help to make searching for files and data much easier, freeing up time in each busy day to concentrate on bigger tasks at hand.

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