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How Offices Can Optimise Space

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Rising rents and expanding workforces means it is more important than ever for businesses to clear clutter and make some valuable room in the office. Employees work better in clear offices and the overall aesthetic of an area drastically improves after a good clear out. From document storage solutions to a simple lick of paint, we look at how offices space can be optimised using these quick and easy steps.

Throw Away Old Furniture

Some business managers are wary of throwing away old furniture as this means replacing said pieces in some cases - which means spending money. However, investing in new furniture not only boosts employee morale and productivity thanks to better working conditions, it allows managers and business owners to free up vital space that was taken up by old or broken items.

Go Paperless

Embracing the digital revolution is one way to truly optimise an office space. Businesses can utilise a number of paperless solutions from cloud storage to invoice processing and book scanning. Streamlining processes and going paperless does not have to be a major upheaval. It can be seamless and easy as long as you inform staff of the changes and make sure they are trained in the new electronic storage software.

Paperless operations not only cut costs, they also improve the impact a business has on the environment. The less paper used, the more environmentally friendly a company is. Working towards a paperless office improves employee productivity, reduces waste and gives businesses the chance to streamline operations. Services vary depending on the size of a business however, this shouldn’t affect the benefits that comes from using less paper and moving into the digital age.

Of course, running a paper office also has the benefits of freeing up lots of physical space – no need for those towering filing cabinets, scanners and photocopiers. Some businesses may find that they have gained so much space from embracing the digital age that they don’t need it – meaning they can downsize and cut costs even further.

Bring the Place to Life with Plants

There is no denying that plants help bring a sense of life to an office space. It doesn’t have to be a towering sunflower or brilliant bouquet, a simple solitary cactus can do the job and reminds office workers that the outside world exists. Plants also remove toxins from the air and produce significant amounts of oxygen – need we explain the benefits of oxygen? Office plants have been proven to reduce stress and improve concentration in various studies, so investing in greenery is definitely worth it.

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