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Half of Courtrooms in the UK Are Now 'High-Tech'

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Thanks to legal scanning, 50% of UK courtrooms now work completely digitally and they're reaping some big benefits too!

Back in June last year, the Government announced its plans to have courtrooms in England and Wales fully digital by 2016 and they seem to be halfway there. It was believed that the ‘outdated reliance on paper’ in the criminal justice system was slowing down the efficiency of cases as well as costing the Government unnecessary funding so they set about the reducing the 160 million sheets of paper used on average by the Crown Prosecution Service.

In the past few years, the rules on paper documents in court have changed to enable a quicker, more efficient and cost saving solution and wifi has been installed into a large number of courtrooms to aid digitised hearings. Legal admissibility is no longer a problem as digital documents are now accepted as evidence in a court of law and can be transferred between relevant parties via email to save time. These steps by the Crown Prosecution Service have been made to turn the criminal justice system into a ‘digital and modern public service’.

Benefits of going digital

Courtrooms making the transition to digital can benefit in a number of ways;

legal document scanning throughout the UK, including Manchester, London and Birmingham
  • Files and documents can be shared instantly through email and shared platforms.
  • Money can be saved on paper, ink and printing.
  • Time will be saved with instant retrieval of digital documents. Learn more about our free document retrieval software that we offer to clients, here.
  • There will be no need for hearing to be adjourned due to not having the correct documents as they can be found there and then.
  • There will be a reduced burden on administrative duties.
  • Sensitive data can be held more securely through password protection and file encryption.
  • There will be better overall efficiency of court proceedings.

What do you think about the Government and Crown Prosecution Service's steps to convert the criminal justice system to digital?

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