Airport Installs Free E-Book Terminal

March 3rd, 2015

Free E-books At The Airport

If you’re flying from San Antonio airport that is.

Last month, San Antonio airport installed two terminals which offer free e-books as well as a rapid charge station for electrical devices. Travellers are given the opportunity to get a temporary library card as they pass through to check-in which lasts 24 hours and offers the loans of three e-books for up to seven days.

The kiosks show just how accessible and widespread e-reading is getting now that the digital revolution has taken over. This particular project will have little to do with authors getting large amounts of money for their books but more about getting their books out there and read by as many people as possible to increase their awareness.

The scheme is being funded by Friends of San Antonio Library at a cost of $26,000 but the library and its Digital Services Manager, Ignacio Albarracin, see it as a worthwhile investment.

“I want [the public] to realize that they have the library at their fingertips anytime, anywhere on any internet enabled device. And that they can do this all for free…The great thing is, I can read them in airplane mode, so when I’m on my flight, I don’t have to actually have my cell phone connected to the Internet to access that content,”

This also reinforces Pearl Scan’s recent post about the increased accessibility of e-books. I’m sure when Jane Austin was writing Pride and Prejudice, she never imagined that books like hers would one day be read in the air! But that’s where society and technology is now with the help of book scanning services.

How Pearl Scan Can Helpconvert-book-to-kindle-150x150

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