Engineers enjoy better access to drawings and plans with aperture card scanning

October 24th, 2016

When planning any new construction or infrastructure project, the large format technical drawings that an engineer will provide are an important part of the development process. Aperture cards have long been a popular method for safely storing these big drawings in a way that is easier to mange than the huge, delicate original paper files. Although effective, these cards implanted with microfilm still have their drawbacks, requiring organised filing systems and physical space to store the documents and bulky, time consuming machinery to read the files. Leading document scanning solutions provider, Pearl Scan offers an intelligent aperture card scanning service, giving engineer betters access to their valuable drawings and plans.

Pearl Scan converts the drawings or maps stored on traditional aperture cards into digital formats such as TIFF, PDF and JPG. The document scanning specialists also offers Halogen, its open source document management and retrieval software, free of charge to its customers. Using these virtual files, engineers can access their drawings using any compatible PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet, making it easy to show clients and colleagues these technical documents, even when on the go. With aperture card scanning, time that would have been spent on searching for drawings through a vast, physical archive of aperture cards can be reduced to a simple click of a button or a swipe of a screen.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan said, “Aperture cards have been an effective method for storing large files for decades, but technology has now advanced offering an even better solution. Using our aperture card scanning service, construction companies can keep up with client demands, enabling their surveyors and engineers to have instant access to their technical drawings anywhere, any time.”

Ashraf continued, “As well as improving their current services, converting the data found on aperture cards in a digital format means that this information can be preserved forever, storing large archives without requiring any physical space in the office.”

Pearl Scan offers its specialised document scanning services throughout the UK, capable of collecting aperture cards across the nation to be scanned on the same day, or any other day as required. Once the aperture cards are scanned, each file is subject to strict quality control, going through correction and image enhancement processes in order to ensure that clients are only given highly accurate files.