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Document scanning is good for the environment

Document scanning is good for the environment

It’s been well documented that document scanning can help businesses increase their productivity and improve staff morale. However one of the main benefits of a paperless office is the benefits it brings to the environment. Seemingly obvious when you think about it, but often overlooked in a business setting because of the incredible benefits it brings to the core business itself.

So how can you make the most of the environmental benefits of document scanning for your business?

Include it in your CSR strategy

In an increasing environmentally friendly age, scanning your documents can significantly help a business to move seamlessly towards a paperless office. And as we all know, paperless offices are the best – and easiest – way of making a big difference to a businesses’ green credentials. With less paper produced, you are signalling your commitment to helping the environment, which you can include in your CSR strategy.

Cut down on energy bills

A perk of a paperless office often overlooked is the space it can free up. As businesses grow, the amount of files and paperwork needed multiplies significantly meaning that businesses need to invest in filing cabinets and bookcases in order to keep papers in order. However by digitising these documents, you can free up valuable space meaning you are less likely to need a bigger office, which aside from helping you to save money on increased rent, means you save money on heating and lighting.

Save money on paper consumption

An office that relies heavily on paper documents obviously gets through a lot of paper every single day. And however caring you are to the environment, such as using recycled paper where it permits, there is nothing quite as helpful to the environment that going completely paperless. With the worldwide consumption of paper increasing by 400% over the last 40 years, even if half of the world’s businesses went paperless, that would significantly help to cut down on the number of trees needed to fuel the business world.

Businesses should always look for new opportunities to become more efficient and reduce costs without having a detrimental effect on the business itself. Digitising documents is one of the best ways to bring a plethora of benefits while causing minimal impact to employees. If you’re thinking of making the switch, or if you want to find out more about how data capture can help you increase your profit margins, contact Pearl Scan today.

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