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Document Scanning for Activity Based Working

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Document scanning can help you to implement activity based working at your company giving you and your staff access to the documents you need anywhere, at any time. Let’s take a closer look at this versatile solution.

Activity Based Working - The Revolution

The concept of Activity Based Working (ABW) has been around since the early 90s with companies and designers looking for the best way to design offices while achieving optimum productivity (and even adding a bit of controversy to the mix). Unfortunately, back then, the ideas didn’t work but since the rise in portable technology and web-based processes, in the last few years a significant amount of companies have re-designed their offices in line with ABW.

So, what is Activity Based Working? It’s a way of designing your office with different areas targeted at helping your staff complete the tasks they need to complete in the most suitable environment. For example, there may be part of the premises designed as quiet ‘pods’ for when staff need to concentrate or for having small, private meetings. Another section may be used for desktop working.

The one thing that this concept shuns is the idea of a locked down personal working areas. It has been argued that the static and solitary nature of that design actually decreases productivity and drives down morale. ABW throws that on its head and asks “how can we design this office to make everyday tasks easy and interesting to make our employees more productive?”

Creating a Flexible and ‘Paper-Light’ Workspaceditch the cabinets

Along with a redesign of the office structurally, there is another solution that can bring ABW to your office with a minimal amount of fuss. Document scanning lets you transfer all of your paper-based files and documents onto a digital system which can be accessed remotely through a shared network or cloud platform.

If indexed correctly (and OCR processing applied), the documents can be found through simple text searches. The digital files are also compliant with file retention laws meaning you will no longer need to store the hard copy.

Going paperless with your document management is a great partner for ABW as it allows the flexibility to work from wherever you feel is most appropriate while still enabling access to the information you need to complete the work.

In what has been billed as the ‘information revolution’, we are constantly looking for ways to retrieve the information we need instantly and by scanning live documents and document archives we can do just that.

Advantages of Scanning Documents in an Activity-Based Workplace

  • There can be increased staff collaboration on projects with each member of staff gaining access to the necessary documents instantly and even editing them simultaneously.
  • You will see a reduction in power costs, paper usage and real estate.
  • The overall working environment will be improved leading to increased job satisfaction from your employees.
  • You will be able to modernise your working environment and working practices.
  • You could also break down silos with open workspaces and easy file sharing.
  • According to this article in The Huffington Post, “ABW creates ROI. Increased engagement, reduced absenteeism and more efficient use of space will return benefits to your business over time.”

Document Scanning Services

Here at Pearl Scan we are leading providers of document scanning services for companies and organisations in Manchester, London and across the rest of the UK. We provide a one-stop service from collection and scanning to OCR processing and implementing digital document management solutions.

If you would like some more information about how we can help your business to adopt a digital way of managing your documents while you are progressing towards an activity based workplace, please get in touch and our sales team can draw up a quote for your document scanning project.

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