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Document scanning doesn’t have to be a nuisance with Pearl Scan

Despite the increase in awareness of document scanning and the paperless movement, some businesses have steered away from adopting these principals. And the main reason businesses give is the disruption caused to staff. But that doesn’t have to be the case if businesses choose to outsource their scanning needs.

It’s been well documented that businesses can save incredible amounts of money by going digital. In fact, according to figures, almost 15% of an organisation’s revenue is spent creating, managing and distributing paper files. So the savings that can be made by going digital are unparalleled. And by outsourcing document scanning, businesses help to take away the hassle associated with making the transformation and ensure the continued smooth running of a business throughout.

Pearl Scan is one of the leading document scanning companies in the UK. Established for more than a decade, the company has been at the forefront of the industry for a number of years so is well-practised in the art of maintaining an efficient and effective digital transformation for businesses in order to minimise disruption for employees.

Naveed Ashraf, Manging Director at Pearl Scan Group, said, “We know jumping into the somewhat unknown can be daunting for businesses – even if they are aware of the incredible benefits offered. But for some, the idea of transforming their day to day operations feels like too big a step and ultimately, doesn’t seem worth the hassle. Yet by employing an expert company to undertake this for them, businesses can rest assured that disruption will be kept to a minimum and all businesses will see are the benefits.”

Many businesses also fear digitalisation due to the cost implications of transforming paper documents to digital ones. Pearl Scan offers potential customers no obligation complimentary quotes and trials to allow them to see for themselves the incredible savings offered. The company can also collect papers and deliver them back if needed – or undertake confidential disposal – depending on what businesses prefer. The experts can also guarantee the quality of scanned documents thanks to investing in top-quality scanning equipment.

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