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Digitising patient records could help improve the NHS’ finances

The NHS has long been under the spotlight for its dire finances. However the Department of Health’s annual report has highlighted just how bad its financial situation is. The report confirmed it had diverted almost £1bn away from investment in order to balance its budget, and now comes complete with an amber-light warning from the spending watchdog.

The NHS spends over a £100bn every year, and that number is rising sharply every year. However according to Pearl Scan, one of the country’s premier providers of document scanning solutions, the NHS can save significant amounts of money by making a couple of simple changes.

According to the scanning experts, switching to digital means could help to save the NHS millions of pounds ever year, which could go a long way in helping it to ‘balance to books’. Noting the cost benefits of digital processes, Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan Group said, “The NHS is under incredible amounts of pressure to hit targets and reduce costs. Yet as more patients head through its doors every day, that is becoming increasingly more difficult. By switching to digital means, staff can save time looking for misplaced notes, files and paperwork, while cutting down on the costs associated with purchasing millions of sheets of paper every single day.”

Making the switch to digital has brought a plethora of benefits to businesses of all sizes. Helping to streamline services and improve productivity while improving staff morale and significantly cutting costs, digitalisation has revolutionised the way many do business.

And how digitalisation can help the NHS was highlighted earlier in the year when the government launched a drive to improve the use of technology in the NHS in England. Aimed at creating a paperless service by 2020, the move was powered by the desire to create a more convenient service for patients, while helping doctors to provide faster diagnoses. However just six months on, this is now looking like a long way off.


Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan Group added, “The NHS really needs backing in order to make the push towards a digital service. It is in serious need of a lift, and the government must help it out in order to secure its future.”

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