Data Capture- Things to Remember

March 3rd, 2015

Important Facts About Data Capture

What can Data Capture be used for?

  • Data Capture can be used to gather information from surveys, customer feedback forms, invoices and medical research data.

What kind of data can be captured?

  • Data capture software can pick up information from checkboxes (or tickboxes) and multiple choice answers.

Why do we need to use data capture to do that?

  • Let’s take surveys for example. Before the days of data capture, once a large number of surveys had been collected, it was then someone’s job to go through each individual survey and record the answers into spreadsheet-like formats. This process took a lot of time, energy and resources.

So, data capture saves time.

  • Yes. But not just that. It also puts the data into digital form so it can be kept and accessed easier for future use.

What about textboxes with handwriting in them? Can you capture that?

  • Because of the huge difference in people’s handwriting, it is not currently possible for the software to recognise it but if you have a survey that contains a mixture of textboxes and tickboxes, we can hand record the information from the textbox which doesn’t add a great deal of cost.

What are the benefits of getting a survey scanned like this rather than getting it completed online?

  • If you ask a customer to go home, log onto the internet and complete a survey about their experiences with your company, chances are they will either forget or just not want to do it. So you should get the customer to complete a quick survey while they are with you. This way, not only will you get some answers but they are also likely to be more accurate and honest as the experience is fresh in their minds.

Should I outsource my data capture services?

  • As a provider of data capture services, we are quite biased on that front but we’ll try and remain objective. If you have a very small number of surveys, questionnaires etc, it is less advisable to outsource a service to digitally record the data for you as it should take very little time for a staff member to enter the information into spreadsheets. However, if you have a much larger volume of documents, we would advise you to hire a company to do the work for you. It is likely that you could save money and the results are certain to be accurate when there is no room for human error.

If you are looking to outsource your capture services then look no further than us here at Pearl Scan. Get in touch today for a quote or for more information on the services we offer.