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Cut storage costs with the UK’s finest document scanning experts

2016 has certainly been an interesting year for the business sector. The Brexit vote, the newly-elected President of the US and the introduction of the base rate interest rates have all set up the next 12 months to be a time of change for businesses owners worldwide. And with such an uncertain and potentially rocky outlook, it is down to businesses to futureproof themselves to ensure they are ready to address these challenges head-on in 2017. And one of the best ways to do this is to look at cutting costs.

Thousands of businesses all over the world are facing increasing issues with documents; as companies expand they get more customers, and legislation requires more information to be kept on file. Therefore businesses are finding it harder and harder to store all of this invaluable data on-site, so often spend thousands on storing files and folders off-site. But there is another way; the Pearl Scan way.

Pearl Scan is one of the country’s leading document scanning companies. With over a decade’s experience working with a range of businesses to help cut down on the amount of paper documents they have, the company has helped to save businesses thousands – a key part of maintaining a competitive edge in today’s market, the company’s director has said.

“Businesses all over the world will be feeling the pressure at the moment,” said Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan Group. “But none more so than right here on our shorelines. The Brexit vote in June, the base rate announcement and now the uncertain future of our relationship with the United States has left many reeling and looking to guarantee the future of their firms. There are a number of precautions businesses can take depending on their individual sector, but cutting down on costs in order to improve profit margins is a universal approach that can have a big impact.”

It has been long suggested that storage budgets have shrunk while the demand for storage has ballooned. As a result, the term ‘going paperless’ has been floating around the business world for quite some time, with many sectors seemingly striving towards it over the last five years or so. Offering a myriad of benefits when it comes to productivity and of course solving storage issues, there is however still a long way to go before paperless workplaces are considered the ‘norm’. And this, according to research is due to a few reasons; but namely businesses simply not knowing where to start.

Naveed, added, “We know it can be confusing for businesses to know where to begin when it comes to going paperless, but with a little bit of research and guidance, all can become clear, and they can start reaping the financial benefits, putting them in a better position during uncertain times.”

Document scanning is not a new invention. Yet it is still often underutilised by businesses the world over. Despite the pluses, there are still many companies that have failed to make the leap and digitalise their businesses. Yet with Pearl Scan, it has never been simpler. The company takes the pressures, stress and hassle out of the whole process by offering a start to finish service. the company offers no obligation, complimentary quotes, can collect paperwork, scan it and either deliver it back to the business or dispose of it securely depending on individual needs.

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