Convert Books to Kindle

March 2nd, 2015

Convert Books to Kindle

One of Pearl Scan’s specialist and most sought-after services is our Kindle conversion service.

Ever since the amazing little Amazon Kindle came into our stratosphere here in the UK, there’s been a growing demand to convert books to the Kindle format. This format, also known as ePub, has seen a huge leap in online and digital book sales so more and more writers and publishers are looking at getting their books into the hands of digital readers everywhere.

Pearl Scan have converted books which are over a hundred years old so these books can be enjoyed by a whole new generation in a brand new way. The books can be converted to a digital format, but still be kept intact meaning millions can read them at the same time without ever having laid their hands on the original book, preventing it from damage.

Pearl Scan’s Kindle conversion process

To convert books to Kindle format, we complete the following steps.convert-book-to-kindle-150x150

We use our brand new top-of-the-range book scanners in order to be able to scan and convert books to Kindle or .mobi files. These┬áprovide the best quality as well as taking ultimate care of the books in the process. Because these scanners are overhead scanners the books, themselves, aren’t exposed to the high-intensity light as much as if they were scanned on a flatbed, office style, scanner. Books are also handled with the best of care and gloves are always worn when handling the books.

To convert the books to Kindle format, we take the scanned images and send them to our in-house developed OCR software which has a 98-99% accuracy. This software makes the scanned files into a text-searchable PDF which it then converts into the formats of your choice. You can choose from a range of formats such as e-Pub format used for converted books for Kindle, the .mobi format for the likes of the Apple iPad, or even standard text-searchable PDF’s or Microsoft Word files.

But wait, there’s more…

Following the conversion process, Pearl Scan offer a range of additional services to ensure your eBook is exactly how you want it. We book-to-epubcan offer editing services, previously entered grammatical errors can be removed or changed, page numbers added and pretty much anything else you can think of can be implemented before the book is fully converted to the Kindle format and sent over to you.

In 2013, eBooks accounted for 20% of book sales and that figure is continuing to rise. The eBook industry is a multi-million pound business and, in this fast moving digital age, savvy book lovers are increasingly calling upon book scanning services to convert their books to digital. So why not join them and have your books scanned today.

For more information about the book scanning services we offer here at Pearl Scan, including comic book scanning, or to request a quote, get in touch today!

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