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Combined Storage and Scanning Service

Scan on demand services

Cannot decide whether to scan or just store your files?

Our Scan on Demand service address the very same dilemma that many companies face these days: Whether to scan high volumes of documents or store them in a physical storage facility.

Sometimes the cost of scanning everything can be prohibitive - Pearl Scan has developed the ideal integrated storage and scanning solution. Our Scan-on-Demand service has proven very useful to those organisations who wish to store physical documents but don't have the budget to scan a high volume of document boxes. It is a simple yet the most cost effective solution for medium to high volume of documents.

This is how Scan-on-Demand Works

  1. We collect and store your boxes in our combined storage and scanning facility.
  2. You send us a scan request via our file request system, through your desktop or on-line.
  3. We locate, scan and upload your file to our secure FTP. You can digitally access your file within the 2*/24 hours.
  4. The physical file will then be marked, logged and returned to the original box.

Cost saving benefits of Scan-on-Demand over Traditional Storage

  • You do not pay for the physical file retrieval, delivery and then re-pickup from your office and re-stocking cost
  • You do not pay for the same file to be retrieved again
  • No waiting for few days for your file to be returned to you from the storage facility
  • Quicker access to the file, means you can deal with the issue quickly and more efficiently
  • You only pay for the scanning when you need it
  • Our scan on-demand service is available to all clients UK and Europe

Read more about our Scan-on-Demand service. Please call or email us to discuss your requirements.

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