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4 simple ways to streamline your HR department

Every manager and business owner strives to offer the facilities for their staff that enable them to streamline their processes and increase efficiency in the workplace. This is no different for HR departments across the country - an integral part of every organisation regardless of which industry it operates in. There are numerous ways to streamline a HR department (and HR files scanning is one of them!). Alongside investing in better HR document management procedures, here we have rounded up some simple ways to streamline your HR department, to reap the business benefits in the future.

Consolidate systems

A HR manager’s role may cover many duties including but not limited to: Payroll, staff training, recruitment, relationship management and more. Because of this, you may operate using various systems and packages on a daily basis, which increases costs, is time consuming and is detrimental to efficiency. Investing in one, central system or database that can help you to complete all of your duties will improve the workflow for your staff.

Reduce reliance on paper documents

Similar to the first point, relying on paper documents that are stored in various places around the office can also waste valuable time for your HR staff. Instead of using large volumes of paper documents and files, digitise and store them using a cloud based document management system. This will give your team access to all HR files whenever they are needed, at the simple click of a mouse.

Clarify your strategy

An effective team is one that is heading in the same direction, and using the same processes to get there. Without a clear strategy, time may be wasted due to staff using various disjointed methods to complete tasks, holding each other up and blocking other team members from getting their jobs done on time. Clarify your strategy in order to create a more streamlined environment for your HR staff.

Share ideas, but don’t block them

Team meetings can be both a blessing and a curse for offices around the country – while they are a good way to keep up to date with your team, holding too many or too long meetings can prevent your staff from completing their tasks for that day. Hold a meeting once a week, at a set time so that people can plan their schedules around it. This meeting can be used to identify any problems your employees may be having, so that steps can be made to put them right.

Investing in a high quality document management system is one way to streamline your HR department, alongside these other techniques. Get in touch with a member of our team today to learn how to implement such a system.   

Payroll scanning from Pearl Scan helps businesses adhere to HMRC regulations


Accounts departments are at the core businesses the world over. They keep the whole company ticking over, collecting payments, chasing up invoices and keeping an eye on budgets. However aside from the day to day duties, there are certain boxes that departments have to tick in order to ensure they are meeting regulations. PAYE and payroll for employers is a prime example of this; accounts departments are expected to keep payroll records for up to six tax years, and failure to do so accurately can result in estimated tax charges and a penalty to pay.

Although a key requirement, it is often difficult for businesses to adhere to such strict guidelines. Storing six years’ worth of payroll records, even for just 30 staff members, takes up an incredible amount of space. And due to the incredible amount of paperwork coming and going on a daily basis, it can often lead to paperwork being lost or damaged. Pearl Scan, one of the country’s finest providers of scanning services to a range of sectors, is highlighting the incredible benefits offered to businesses who make the switch to digital – starting with accounts and payroll departments.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan Group said, “Paper documents have been at the core of businesses for many years, however as time has moved on and technology has changed traditional paper processes have moved onto computers and digitised. Yet many businesses are yet to see the benefits of digitising accounts departments – potentially due to the disruption it will cause.

“Hiring in professionals to undertake this process however minimises disruption, allowing departments to carry on with their day to day work and simply letting them reap the benefits.”

Digitising documents brings with it a plethora of benefits for businesses. It allows them to keep all documents safe and secure – key for accounts departments – and free up much needed space. Digital documents also allow employees to be more productive due to time spent searching for past documents minimised.

“Accounts departments deal with so much paper on a daily basis, it is somethings hard to keep up,” added Naveed. “Although all business departments can benefit wholly from the digitalisation of work and day to day processes, accounts teams are right up there when it comes to needing to move forward with the times in order to remain productive.”

A Manager’s Guide to Minimising Employee Stress

Minimising Employee Stress

The biggest cause of work sickness in the UK, stress, affects 1 in 5 of the working population, costing employers over £1.2 billion a year and causing a loss of over 105 million work days combined.

With 1 in 4 people affected by mental health issues at some point in their lives, many countries ensure that employers have a duty of care to identify and deal with stress in the workplace, to reduce the likelihood of physical and mental illness.

Stress can impact an individual worker, as well as other employees and their customers. There are many causes of work-induced stress – it could be triggered by lowered self-esteem, concentration issues or increased customer complaints and staff turnover.

It’s important for managers to help minimise pressure and the causes of stress in the workplace, benefiting both individuals and companies as a whole.

What can stress cause?

High levels of stress in the workplace can have many negative impacts such as:

  • An increase in mistakes, which could potentially lead to customer complaints.
  • Poor workplace relations.
  • Increase in the numbers of staff taking sick days or being absent from work.
  • High staff turnover.
  • Poor decision making, due to a lack of concentration applied to tasks.

What can be done?

Flexible Working Arrangement

Many businesses operate on strict hours. However, providing flexible work hours can help assure staff that they can work from home if needed – maximising the time spent working while recovering mentally in the comfort of their own space. A flexible working agreement could also be a preventative measure for many workers who have a busy life outside of work. If managers and employers are willing to allow staff to work more flexibly, they will probably notice a decrease is the amount of workers taking sick leave due to stress.

Provide Training

Sometimes staff can feel overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to complete. This could be down to not having the right skills for certain tasks. Providing specific training to those lagging – in some situations- can help boost the productivity of a worker while reducing their stress levels, thanks to an increased confidence in their role.

Roles and Responsibilities

Reiterating an individual’s job role and what they are expected to achieve can help reduce stress levels significantly, especially for older workers. People who find themselves in the same role for along time can become stuck or even take on other duties without realising. Ensuring that the job roles are discussed allows knowledge to be refreshed and each staff member’s role to be reenergised due to a reinforced understanding of what is expected.

Investing in Productivity

Minimising Employee Stress

There are many ways that productivity can be increased – One way is to invest in time saving methods. Digitising documents and ensuring efficient systems are in place allows for time to be cut drastically, saving employees the stress of combing through piles of work for specific sheets of paper. It can also clear up office space – a happy office makes for happy workers. Investing in a digital mailroom could also prove to be beneficial. Designed to improve operational effectiveness, this prioritises mail so the most important documents are dealt with first. As well as reducing the risk of lost information, this centralises the storage and distribution of important documents, taking the pressure off of the workforce.

Other services such as invoice scanning can also be invaluable to a company, improving and enhancing entire AP departments at a time, by removing the need for excessive storage needs – freeing up essential office space. Efficient processes allow more time to be allocated to important tasks and vital breaks which can re-energise a tired workforce.

Increase Communication

Make sure that workers know that there are avenues of communication in place if they would like to discuss issues with someone. Ensuring an open door policy is in place gives workers the knowledge that should they be struggling, they can approach someone to discuss any concerns or stresses that may be on their mind.

How do you think that employers can help reduce workplace stress? Let us know on social media!


Document Scanning by Pearl Scan

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Top Tips for Increasing Productivity in the Workplace

Tips to increase productivity

All of us would like to make sure we complete our workload within the working day – but sometimes it feels impossible. Rather than working longer, it’s all about working smarter. Increasing productivity not only makes employees more valuable and saves time and money, it also makes them feel more valued if they are successfully contributing to the growth of the organisation.

While there are certain things individuals can do to increase productivity at work, it’s also up to the employer to create a productive environment. If the workplace has outdated procedures and time consuming processes, improvements will be difficult. Take a look at these top tips for improving workplace productivity:

Standing meetings
Want an instant way to make meetings less dull and unproductive? Remove the seats. Studies have shown standing meetings can improve group performance. With more and more worrying statistics emerging about inactivity too, and experts encouraging us to move around at work more often, standing meetings can improve health and wellbeing too.

Encourage regular breaks
Taking more breaks may sound like the opposite of increasing productivity, but it actually helps the mind focus on tasks when returning to work. Working at a task for long periods without breaks leads to a decline in performance, so short breaks to refresh can be a good idea.

Paperless officeSwitch to digital records
For workplaces collapsing in files, records and important documents (as most offices are) it can be much more efficient to switch to a digital system. Administration staff especially can benefit from having paper documents scanned as they can be searched digitally which can speed up almost all tasks. Implementing a paperless office can decrease time spent on menial jobs such as filing, so staff can tackle the value added tasks.

Make an attractive work space
Believe it or not, research has shown that making a working environment more friendly to the eye can have a positive effect on employee productivity. Indoor plants, for example, have been shown to increase productivity by 15% - yet this may also have something to do with their air-purifying properties. Making the office more appealing, with inspiring artwork or flowers can boost morale, and therefore productivity.

Provide new opportunities
Sometimes the reason for a drop in productivity is boredom – your staff don’t want to remain stagnant in the company, they want to move up. Employers need to provide professional development and opportunities for employees to take on different roles. This is motivation to work harder, otherwise why would they put in more effort to stay productive without incentives?

These are just a few tips to turn to when staff morale needs a boost and you feel productivity is stalling. Do you have any tips to share?


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Compliance Made Easy

compliance made easy
Are your offices filled with boxes upon boxes of documents being stored for years to avoid compliance issues? There is an easier way which can bring some big positive changes to your HR department.

Compliance Laws

Obeying compliance laws is a necessity across all departments of a company but especially for HR departments storing importantDocument Scanning Service employee related information. Some documents need to be stored for ten years or more and, with the accumulation of files, you can find yourself with a space issue.

If you deal with this kind of thing on a regular basis you will know how much of a headache it can be, especially when the auditors call. Finding the relevant files in filing cabinets, folders and boxes seems to take an age and if you can’t find them at all then things can get serious with more drawn out processes or even the risk of fines, shut-downs and, worst case scenario, litigation.

Going Digital

There is an easier way to go about compliance though and that’s to go digital with your file management. It’s a solution that a large number of HR departments for some of the world’s major companies have adopted with great results.

Imagine being able to access files at the click of a button knowing they can be retrieved even when misfiled. Imagine being able to update information in each document without having to create a completely new document. Imagine knowing you have all of the information you need for auditors without losing tons of office space.

By managing files digitally you won’t have to imagine anymore. Going digital offers a space saving, efficiency boosting, cost effective solution which doesn’t compromise on compliance laws. Data Protection and Freedom of Information are at the forefront of digital document management making it the best method of compliant document storage.

Scan Documents With Pearl Scan

To go digital, the first thing you’ll need to do is digitise the files stored in your HR department. This is where we can help. Here at Pearl Scan, we offer a completely bespoke HR document scanning service for companies in London, Manchester, Birmingham and across the UK wanting to free up space and retrieve files quickly while still obeying compliance laws.

We provide a one stop service for the complete document scanning process from collecting your documents from anywhere in the UK to scanning and indexing followed by the delivery of your digitised documents in a quick turnaround time.

For more information about how we scan documents or to request your free, no obligation quote, give us a call or complete our online form.

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