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Experts’ Pearl Cloud helps companies streamline their processes

‘Clouds’ have become a mainstay of modern living. As a result, many can seldom remember a time before files, photos, videos and other documents were available on a cloud. Yet despite clouds offering countless benefits, sometimes a more personal and tailored approach is needed for businesses.

Pearl Scan, the document scanning expert, has underlined the importance of clouds in the modern business world, highlighting its positive effects when it comes to productivity, and has also touched upon its own cloud offering, emphasising the increased benefits when it comes to security.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan Group, said, “Virtual clouds have increased in popularity over the last few years. As the reliance on technology has amplified and paper documents have become increasingly seen as outdated, the business world is rapidly gearing towards a paperless system. And clouds are at the heart of that.

“The rise in the paperless movement and the increased reliance on digital documents has brought many benefits to businesses. Not only has it helped them to streamline their processes, and consequently, given businesses a boost when it comes to profits, but has also helped expand their offering to customers.”

Clouds have been hailed as an invaluable addition to businesses. They allow companies in all sectors to view, edit and save information on the go, from wherever they are; whether it be customer data, business statistics or even lists. Not only does this help when it comes to responding to customer queries, but it can also ensure that information given is accurate. However there is always a risk that this information can be accessed by those it shouldn’t be. But not with Pearl Scan’s added security procedure.

Pearl Scan’s innovative Cloud takes cloud storage to the next level, allowing businesses to access their crucial information whenever, wherever – all with the added peace of mind that access will only be provided to those who are meant to access the information. The cloud is customised for the organisation, with the scanning company handling all business’ needs thanks to each employee being assigned a unique user ID for secure logon. Not only does help to prevent sensitive information being accessed by people it shouldn’t, but it also reassures customers that they can rely on the business with their information – something incredibly important at a time when hacks and information leaks are happening more and more.

Naveed, added, “We have seen first-hand what impact security breaches have on businesses, and we are dedicated to helping them overcome that. And our Halogen Cloud is just one of the ways we are supporting businesses from the ground up.”

7 Benefits of Cloud Storage

cloud storage
In 2014, cloud storage got a lot of bad press but among the grumbles of disdain from those affected, there are still a great deal of advantages of storing your documents in the cloud. Here are seven of the best.


The most well known benefit of storing files and documents in the cloud is the flexible access it offers you. With cloud storage, you can access your files from any device (computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone etc.) as long as it has access to the internet.


Storing documents with cloud services is considerably cheaper than storing them manually in valuable office space or off-site storage facilities. Depending on which system you use, you can often get a small amount of cloud storage for free. After that, the costs tend to vary so it’s always useful to do your research.


Cloud storage doesn’t fill cabinets or storage rooms and it doesn’t need a hard-drive either, in fact, storing files in the cloud takes up no literal space at all, only virtual. This is a great help if you are looking to save space or if you are moving to smaller premises.

Sharing & Editing

Sharing and editing files can be difficult if you store files solely on paper but by using cloud services, you will be able to share and edit documents quickly. While this might not be any different to ordinary digital storage, there is an interesting feature with cloud storage and that’s the ability to collaborate on documents with colleagues and simultaneously edit the files for the other person to see in real-time.


Another interesting feature of cloud storage is the fact that once you edit and save a document, it will save across all devices so if you were working on it from a tablet device then you log in on a laptop, the edits will show up. This syncing helps a lot with remote access.

Data protection

When you look at this, you may get flashbacks from the iCloud hacks last year however, in terms of overall protection for the hundreds of millions of people using cloud systems, it is still a secure platform for businesses and individuals. If you take the security of your documents seriously then you will ensure the files are encrypted and password protected. All of this will ensure a great deal more data protection than storing files on your premises or in off-site storage.

Convenience & Options

Overall, cloud storage is a highly convenient way of storing documents to save space, money and time but still falls within compliance laws. There are so many different cloud storage services out there such as the big names like Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox etc. as well as the smaller companies offering great services too.

Pearl Scan Solutionspearl cloud

Here at Pearl Scan we provide the option of cloud storage with all of our scanning projects. Our cloud platform, Pearl Cloud was developed in-house to be fully bespoke so it can be tailored to suit the needs of all businesses with a wide range of storage needs.

If you would like your documents scanned and hosted on Pearl Cloud, give us a call today to discuss your requirements. For more information about Pearl Cloud and our document scanning services, please browse our website and blogs.

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What Have We Learnt From Hacking News?

how secure is your storage banner1
In 2014, there were more than 50 MAJOR hacks or data security breaches (and those are just the one’s we’ve heard about!) The one that dominated the news was, of course, the Sony hack but what can we learn about document security from these events?

Never Underestimate the Power of Data

If your company stores files containing client information or even employee information, it is vital to be aware that this information could be wanted by cyber hackers for a number of reasons. Whether that’s bank details, passwords to accounts or company information. When Sony got hacked, it wasn’t just employee information that was leaked but also email correspondence and unreleased scripts. They never could have imagined that personal emails could be released and the hugely negative effect they could have on relationships with clients.

Protect What is Yourstheft of documents

ABC news suggests that another thing we can learn from the hacks is that companies need to “take ownership of their assets”. Once you acknowledge that documents are your property, you get into that state of mind where you are more vigilant and focussed.

The Importance of Passwords

In a recent article, the Daily Mail highlighted the need for safer password protection on documents. The thing with passwords is that many people either don’t take them seriously enough or choose easy passwords so they can be remembered. Nowadays, we require so many different passwords from ones for social media and online shopping accounts to personal banking and IT accounts. To make it easier to remember these passwords, a lot of us often choose the most generic ones we can think of, such as 123456, qwerty and password. When pointed out, it’s obvious that these passwords will rarely protect important information if someone is intent on hacking into the system.

Update Security to Replace Outdated Systems

Companies can often get complacent with document security. They think that once there is a system set up, documents will be safe and secure for life but this isn’t the case. Systems become outdated and easily hacked so the best thing to do is to review your data security at regular intervals to ensure that you have the best security for your documents.

Ensure Employees Are Aware of Cyber Safety Rules

Having a files security policy across the whole company is vital in making sure all employees are on the same page. Ensuring passwords are strong and changed regularly and all documents are stored in reliable shared networks or cloud systems can go a long way to keeping private documents private. Depending on the size of your company, it could even be worthwhile to actively monitor logs according to Acunetix. They say;

“Actively monitoring logs, including event logs, syslogs, web server logs, firewall logs, anti-virus logs and logging of the various systems running in the organisation is tedious, but it would have saved the day for Sony Pictures and allowed them to sound the alarm before it was too late. Various tools exist that allow the automation of log monitoring, and these often include notification systems allowing the admin to be notified when a breach is detected.” Read more.

But don’t give up…Document Scanning Service39
These seemingly constant security breaches may have got you questioning the safety of storing documents digitally but rest assured, it is still the most beneficial mode of document storage. As we have highlighted many times in other articles, paper documents are susceptible to loss, theft and damage and take up a great deal of space, time and costs to maintain.

Here at Pearl Scan, we offer document scanning and digital document management solutions for companies wanting to digitise and store important files safely and securely. Our scanning bureau is protected by CCTV and security systems and the scanning process is completed under strict supervision. We take the quality and security of your information very seriously so if you would like some more information about how we can help you digitise documents and store them securely, get in touch today. You can also request a free, no obligation quote for your project by completing our online form by following the relevant links below.

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Choosing the Right Document Storage for You

Choosing the Right Document Storage for You

Here it is, that age old question in business; where shall I store my documents? Every organisation is different. They deal different amounts of documents daily and have different sized premises so what can they do? Well, there are a number of solutions so let's take a look at them.

Storage in filing cabinetsditch-the-cabinets

This is a common solution and one that dates back many years when the staple of an office was the grey filing cabinets standing to attention and filled with important documents. This storage option always seems like the obvious choice for offices as it can be cheaper than storing documents off-site. But filing cabinets, folders and boxes create unnecessary clutter in the office which could breach health and safety advice.

If the documents are stored in filing cabinets in a designated storage room on-site then you could be throwing away money and space as the room could be rented or used more efficiently instead.

Off-site document storage

As I have already mentioned, storing your documents off-site can be expensive. Having them off-site also means that it will be harder to access them when needed. You will need to request the documents you need and even if you have pre-empted this and requested them before they are needed, it could still take days for the document to arrive with you.

Store to Scanbanner-store-to-scan

Here at Pearl Scan, we offer a service called Store to Scan. This service is particularly useful if you have a large number of dated documents which need archiving. The process works like this;

  • We will collect your documents from your offices of storage facility anywhere in the UK.
  • We then store your boxes in our secure warehouse for no fee.
  • We will scan your most recent files and shred (without scanning) all expired files, depending on your storage period.
  • Example: If your storage period is 8 years and you have files from 2006, we will begin to scan 2014, 2013, 2012 etc files and in 2015, we will shred the 2006 files. Subsequently, in 2016 we will shred 2007 files and in 2017, 2008's files will be shredded.
  • This will continue so after 3 years we will have scanned 3 years' worth of files and shredded 3 years.
  • Please note, free storage has a time restriction and is subject to availability.


Another service we offer here at Pearl Scan is Scan-on-Demand. For this service, we can collect your boxes, once again from anywhere in the UK, and bring them back to our secure storage facility. We will store them in our warehouse and when you need a document, you can request it via our file request system, through your desktop or online. We will then locate your file, scan it and upload it to our secure FTP system. Following this, you will have access to your file within 2 hours (premium service) or 24 hours (standard service). This solution is great for those who want to keep their documents in storage but want quicker access to the files when needed.

Every company is different but here at Pearl Scan we offer a range of services that can be tailored to your needs. Our flexibility makes Pearl Scan an attractive solution to many organisations document scanning needs.

If you would like some more information on our secure document storage with Scan-on-Demand or Store to Scan services or any of the document scanning solutions we offer, get in touch today. We will be happy to help.

Do you know what you’re paying for?

document-storage-costsDocument Storage Costs

Do You Know What You’re Paying For?

There are thousands of companies across the UK that use storage facilities, but we wonder how many of them truly know the potential document storage costs.

These days with less and less people storing paper due to costs and cutting back, document storage facilities often find other ways to charge in order to make up for the loss of custom, but these costs are very infrequently talked about in the initial discussions. This is why we've decided to show some of the additional costs that you may be charged on top of your standard charges for document storage.

Some of these charges include:

  • File retrieval – if you're wanting some of your documents back for whatever reason, with a lot of storage facilities you can't always go back and get them yourself and will only offer a service of them doing this for you.
  • Collection of documents and boxes – when you initially have your files sent to a facility they will often charge very high rates in order to move your files from their current location to their own facility.
  • Inventory Costs – this is simply the cost of them putting your boxes in an order in which they can be located and found when required. The costs of this can be staggering.

costs-of-document-storageThere are many other 'creative' ways you can be charged for storing documents, but these are the main three to look out for. Our in depth document storage costs page will be able to tell you more on the costs we found when researching some of the country's leading storage facilities. As a company that believes that we offer an infinitely better way to store and use documents, some of the prices we were quoted staggered even us.

However we offer a fair and even handed perspective on the subject and we have often found that different types of companies prefer different methods of archiving their documents, but it's always best to get a perspective from all sides and to find out about these things before signing up for something and getting charged for things that you weren't expecting.

Head on over to our document storage page  and take a look at some of the details on it. If you want to talk to us further about the archiving solutions we offer here at Pearl Scan, give us a call.