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Pearl Scan explains why digital mailroom services are vital for futureproofing businesses

Technology has transformed the way people live their everyday lives while also overhauling the business world. Helping to minimise errors and automate processes, technology has certainly helped businesses thrive. And digital mailrooms, although a relatively new addition, have been at the front of that change for many firms in recent years.

Digital mailrooms essentially make light work of incoming mail. Employees no longer have to spend time opening mail manually, instead it is sent directly to their email inbox for them to view, action or delete. And Pearl Scan, one of the country’s leading document scanning companies, has highlighted why they have become such a popular addition to workforces around the county.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan Group, says, “Digital mailrooms bring numerous benefits to businesses – no matter what sector they are in or how big the business is. The obvious, and most celebrated benefit, is the time they free up for employees. This time is then able to be used elsewhere within a business, such as helping to develop new ideas that can help it to grow.”

In a progressively competitive marketplace, freeing up employee time is imperative for businesses in order to increase their competitive edge and cement their company. For example if employees are not wasting time undertaking menial tasks, such as distributing and opening post, they are able to use their energy into thinking about new, creative and original ideas that can help to drive a business forward. And what business doesn’t want that?

Aside from giving employees the time and space to get their creative juices flowing, digital mailrooms also reduce operational costs as businesses will no longer have to hire multiple mail room clerks to sort through the post. Reducing the reliance on manual processes, digital mailrooms are more efficient, yet use less labour.

“Implementing a digital mailroom can also bring countless benefits to a company’s customer base by automatically prioritising and sending crucial and time sensitive information in an instant, which can then improve its service levels to existing customers, added Naveed. “A digital mailroom’s bottom line is to bring efficiency improvements by getting customer information to where it is needed within the business quicker than doing so manually.”

With a traditional mailroom, sometimes post can take days to physically reach the recipient. However with a digital mailroom, this information and data is available in a matter of minutes meaning customer queries and requests can be dealt with as soon as possible. Not only does this improve the offering to customers by not leaving them waiting for long periods of time, but can also help to stop them veering off to a competitor.

As if the above wasn’t enough, digital mailroom solutions also work to ensure that businesses are conforming to legal requirements by allowing businesses to capture all documentation as soon as it enters the organisation. It provides secure audit trails for the entire document life cycle and improves the processes when it comes to managing documentation.

In such an environmentally conscious world, one of the most prominent benefits of digital mailrooms are their assistance when it comes to upping companies’ green credentials. Digital processes help to cement companies as leaders when it comes to auctioning climate change thanks to it being the single best place to start a business’ end goal of becoming paperless due to it often the main source of incoming paper.

Proof of delivery scanning more important in this day and age

Document scanning has become a popular practice in modern business worlds. And not least for logistics companies.

When telephones became a popular (and affordable) fixture in modern society, people decided to stop sending letters and instead pick up the phone. And as a result, posties worried for their future job security and whether the Royal Mail had a place in society. As letters, parcels and packets died off further – thanks to the introduction of the internet and emails – the Royal Mail cut back on deliveries and manpower. But then the unexpected happened; internet shopping became a revelation.

First introduced in 1979 by English entrepreneur Michael Aldrich, he pioneered online shopping during the 1980s. He designed, manufactured, sold, installed, supported and maintained many online shopping systems using videotex technology, however it wasn’t until 1994 that the first secure retail transaction over the internet was made. Reports are mixed as to whether it was by NetMarket or Internet Shopping Network. The following year, launched its online shopping site, swiftly followed by eBay. And at the time, no one knew what key players they would be in the modern world.

Last year, 65% of internet users in the EU shopped online according to official figures, and in the UK, that figure is even more staggering. The idea of ecommerce has really hit the mark with the British public, and we are now one of the biggest consumers of online goods. Spending rose by an incredible 11% last year, with 27% of sales now taking place online. Partially blamed on the rise of m-commerce (the prominence of mobile devices as a way to purchase goods), forecasters are certain that online shopping will continue to grow and dominate for years to come.

With millions of parcels being delivered every single day in Britain, and tens of millions being delivered all around the world from all four corners, the importance of keeping proof of delivery safe has never been higher. Delivery and logistics companies often rely on paper-based delivery notes and sheets that are then filed away. However these can easily get lost, misplaced or damaged due to the elements. The only sure-fire way to keep these documents safe and secure is by digitising them. Proof of delivery scanning is a specialised service that can help free up space, keep records dating back years and be used should there be any disputes.

Scanning in delivery notices allows them to be stored on a single disk or network, which makes them easily accessible for all employees. It also means the documents can be found through simple searches at the touch of a couple of buttons.

Pearl Scan has many years’ experience working with businesses to scan important and confidential documents in order to create streamlined and effective workforces as technology changes the way we do things. Find out more about our proof of delivery scanning.

Digital Mailrooms Explained

Digital Mailrooms Explained

A relatively new concept, digital mailrooms are becoming the best way for companies to distribute mail and streamline the mailroom processes. Enabling mountains of mail, including emails, a digital mailroom scans all incoming mail as it arrives – distributing it virtually across the company as needed. Read more and discover how digital mail operations work.

The Mail Room

Powered by enterprise-level capture converts, a digital mailroom turns all documents into electronic formats, suitable for use across all sectors of the market, enabling documents to be viewed electronically.

The traditional mailroom format can lead to items going missing, orders not being processed and when people are away operations can grind to a halt entirely. A digital mailroom distributes all mail immediately, reducing any bottle neck effect. Everything is archived and accessible to anyone else on the team, and can be viewed across multiple sites.

A digital mailroom can help double efficiency, make sure no post is lost and ensures that letters are not stuck on the desk of management. Orders can be processed faster and less time and money is spent on photocopying – allowing attention to be given to other areas.


Digital mailrooms can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of a business. This ensures that only authorised individuals can view document, and distribute them onto others. An efficient and fail-safe way to handle mail, this can help improve customer service and drastically reduce waiting times. Working digitally can make staff more efficient, allowing them to sanction expenditure, approve invoices and assign tasks with a few simple clicks.

Areas with High Business Impact

  • HR: Confidential employee documents can be sent on route immediately and securely.
  • Finance: Invoices can be sent straight away for prompt payment.
  • Customer Service: Account applications can be forwarded without delay.
  • Legal: Critical contracts can be delivered directly.
  • Sales: New orders can be directly fast-tracked.

Features and Benefits

A digital mailroom can accommodate multiple channels of information including existing user applications and input volumes. All document formats whether structured, semi-structured or unstructured can be handled in high volume. Results continually improve with some mailrooms having a self-learning document classification system.

The amount of money spent on manually sorting and distributing mail is significantly reduced with a digital mailroom. They even accommodate decentralised scanning with classifying and indexing. A digital mailroom format is easily adaptable allowing them to keep up with the times, and any new document types that may come along in the future.

Are you considering a digital mailroom? How could your company benefit?


Document Scanning by Pearl Scan

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Digital Mailroom: A Time-Saving Office Solution

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Office productivity is up there with one of the most important things to control in a business and a simple switch to a digital mailroom can improve efficiencies without any major upheavals.

What is a Digital Mailroom?

The process of manually sorting through mail and distributing to the relevant personnel is a slow one and can also be costly and inefficient too. This is where the idea of the digital mailroom was born from.

A digital mailroom is a system that is put in place to digitise incoming mail which enables you to manage it electronically. More and more companies are turning to this service to reduce clutter and speed up business processes.

Productivity BoostsH small image11

You can find articles and studies all over the internet about the best (and worst!) ways to boost productivity in the office. Suggestions range from rearranging the office to avoiding things that distract you but we feel that all of these can be complemented by a change in document management.

With a digital mailroom, staff won’t be distracted by finding, sorting and opening their mail every morning, it would be a simple case of opening their inbox and viewing all incoming mail that way.

A large number of business communication is done via email nowadays anyway so it can prove a great productivity boost to deal with all incoming mail that way. So rather than workers needing to set aside two tasks; one for opening and reading paper mail and one for reading emails, they can get it all done in one task.

This productivity boost will also be seen when it comes to retrieving information from past mail correspondence. Normally employees would need to search through filing cabinets to find the documents they need but, with a digital mailroom, they will just need to enter a simple search on their computer, shared network or cloud platform and the document will be there at their fingertips in an instant.

We should also never underestimate the reduction of stress in improving productivity. Having your mail sorted and digitally delivered can take a weight off your mind, however small, letting you focus on more important work matters.
H small image6

Other Benefits

Along with the boosts in productivity, you office can also benefit from these;

  • Post is more secure when stored digitally than being sat in in-trays or filing cabinets.
  • You can save money on hiring extra staff to manage a post room.
  • Digital mailroom offers you the chance to free up space previously taken up by mail and mail management offices.
  • A digital mailroom helps you take a big step towards a paperless office.
  • Having your post automatically sorted can relieve a great deal of stress for employees.

Get Your Digital Mailroom With Pearl Scan

Our digital mailroom service can be tailored to suit your specific needs while we work with you to provide the perfect solution for your mail management. We can collect your post from your office, local sorting office or specially created PO Box every morning (Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays) and have the digital images delivered to your email inbox in a quick turnaround time.

All digital images will have OCR software applied to enable text searches for relevant data at a later date. Cheques you receive in the mail can be banked for you and the invoices forwarded to your inbox so no mad dashes to the bank before it closes.

That’s not all though, you can get all of that for a budget friendly price. If you would like some more information about the digital mailroom, check out some of our other blogs then get in touch for a free, no obligation quote.

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Simple Steps to Digital Mail

digital mailroom banner5Here’s some quick advice on setting up a digital mailroom and successfully maintaining digital mail processing.

With the costs of a digital mailroom being significantly less nowadays, many more businesses are adopting a virtual approach to deal with their mail and it’s so easy, you can do it too!

Step One- Setting Up

Setting up a digital mailroom can be done very easily, you just need to enlist the help of outsourced services. This will relieve the cost, time and stress that is involved in attempting to digitise the mail yourself. Digital mailroom services usually have the experience and the equipment to complete the process quickly and easily. We have spoken in the past about the many benefits you can get from adopting a digital mailroom but if you would like to refresh yourself of these take a look at our digital mailroom articles.

Step Two- Adapting

I’d be lying if I said you won’t even notice the change but, due to the large amount of benefits digital mail brings, the adaptation process should be a positive, pain free and simple experience. All you’ll have to do is get used to receiving your mail digitally and storing it that way. Where you would usually check your in-TRAY for incoming mail, you should get used to just checking your inBOX. In our increasingly digital world, this isn’t a hard adaptation to get used to in a similar way to changing your email address or getting a new computer. It’s different but not in a negative and obstructive way.

Step Three- Maintainingdigital mailroom

To maintain your digital mailroom system successfully, we advise you store the digitised mail comprehensively in a digital document management system. You should receive your mail as fully text searchable documents, once they have been scanned, so retrieving them from a system will be easy. The main thing to remember is only to print as a last resort if email or shared access is not available. Otherwise, the digital benefits will be lost.

Step Four- Spreading the Word

Once you have a digital mailroom up and running and you are reaping the benefits of going digital, it would be a great time to encourage other people in your network to switch to a digital mailroom. This will enable you to make your business correspondence with them quick and efficient to enable more work to be done (and you don’t need telling that more work done usually means more profit generated).

How Pearl Scan Can Help

Here at Pearl Scan we offer a flexible and cost effective digital mailroom service as well as excellent consultancy with our experts. We use top of the range scanners to ensure that your digital mail is in your inbox each morning in readable and searchable quality. If you would like some more information about this service, take a look at the information on our website or get in touch today for a free, no obligation quote.

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