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News and updates related to the document scanning industry.

Who is Pearl Scan?

Today, Pearl Scan is a fully integrated document scanning and document management company with clients based nationwide, covering a large range of industries. Within our document scanning services we offer specialist document management solutions including legal document scanning, invoice processing, medical records scanning, general office document scanning and more. However, like any other success stories, we didn’t streamline our services and grow our client base overnight. The Pearl Scan document scanning company we are today is one that has been built up over a matter of time – over 13 years to be exact.

When first formed in 2003, Pearl Scan was then known as Pearl Reprographics ltd. While we provided data capture and outsourced scanning services, reprographics was our main product offering. At this point our customer base was only one (but loyal) customer.

Soon we recognised the growing demand for document scanning and digital document management, moving to a bigger scanning facility in 2004 and rebranding to Pearl Scan Solutions ltd in 2005 in order to respond to the changing market. With a focussed product offering and cutting edge technology, Pearl Scan Solutions ltd could now cater to SME, blue-chip companies and public sector clients. As well as a re-brand, 2005 marked the start of our venture into in-house document management software development. Now, with a few years of industry knowledge and an understanding of the needs of our clients, we felt this necessary in order to be able to create the solutions that we were searching for. Soon, LazyWorks, our EDMS system was launched, improving document management for our customers.

Fiver years later our specialised software division, Pearl Scan Software was born. It was created to continue our research into creating the most relevant and useful digital document management and secure document storage solutions in the business. Rather than sourcing one-fit-for-all software, we commissioned this research team so that we could offer our clients a bespoke, flexible and an open source software with no additional costs or limitations. The results of the development done by Pearl Scan Software can be seen in our Halogen and Halogen cloud document management systems, which we offer free of charge to all of our clients.

2012 was our first venture into specialised scanning services, as we created Peal Scan Legal to offer compliant based document scanning. But 2013 saw us extend our offerings further, as we moved into a much larger scanning and data conversion facility, increasing our scanning capacity and allowing us to invest in more top of the range industrial hardware to cope with these specific document scanning needs. We now operate in one of the leading document digitisation and management facilities in the UK.

In 2015 we focussed further to become a service company rather than simply a traditional document scanning business. Now, Pearl Scan is capable of offering scalable, tailored services of document scanning for a wide range of sectors, available as a high volume, on-going solution or as a scan on demand service. Document scanning and digitisation can be achieved for the legal, medical, education, logistics, HR sectors and more, empowering businesses across the UK with the benefits and advantages that digital document management technology can bring.

Every year we strive to build upon our current offerings, meaning that the Pearl Scan of tomorrow will continue to provide the latest, up to date technologies and innovations for our customers.

Pearl Scan Certifications and Accreditations

There are many reputable companies fighting for the attention of customers. Pearl Scan Solutions has spent years within the industry, and has a number of nationally recognised accreditations. Find out what certifications we have and why these are important here…

Member of PCI (Security Standards Council)

PCI cetification

A global forum that launched in 2006, the PCI Security Council is responsible for the development, management, education and awareness of PCI Security Standards which include; Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Payment Application Data Security Standard (PS-DSS) and PIN Transaction Security (PTS) requirements


Investors in People Member

Member of The Skills Pledge

As supporters of the UK’s leading people management standard, Investors in people specialises in transforming business performance through people. Investors in People organisations are more profitable, sustainable and optimistic about the future. Organisations of all sizes use people management standards to underpin their approach to managing people to maximise results.


Member of The Skills Pledge

Investors in people

As a member of The Skills Pledge, Pearl Scan Solutions actively encourages and supports employees to gain skills and qualifications that meet the business’s needs, while promoting employee future employability chances in the future.


ICO Accreditation (Information Commissioner’s Office)

ICO Accreditation

Set up the uphold information rights, the UK’s independent authority promotes public body openness and individual data privacy. Under The Data Protection Act 1998, every organisation that processes personal information must register with the ICO.


ISO 9001 Quality Management

ISO 9001 Quality Management

The international standard which sets out clear requirements for what an organisation must do to manage processes affecting quality of services and products. All don through a Quality Management System which refers to all aspects of service deliver given to a client, as well as compliance to government regulation.

This standard gets organisations to ask what they do to enhance client satisfaction, allowing them to continually improve performance. Checked on an ongoing basis through Surveillance Audits, the international and up-to-date organisation model makes it clear who is responsible for doing what, when, how, where and why – making it easier for Pearl Scan Solutions to deliver effective customer focussed services.


ISO 27001 Information Security

ISO 27001 Information Security

This accreditation was set up in 2013 and specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system within the context of the organization. It includes requirements for the assessment and treatment of information security risks tailored to the needs of the organization.


ISO 14001 Environmental Management

ISO 14001 Environmental Management

The family of ISO 14000 addresses aspects of environmental management. Providing practical tools to companies and organizations looking to control their environmental impact, and improve environmental performance – this helps Pearl Scan Solutions keep track of their green credentials as well as focus on specific environmental aspects such as life cycle analysis, communication and auditing

Which accreditations do you think are the most important? Let us know on social media! Continue reading about Pearl Scan Certifications and AccreditationsPearl Scan Certifications and Accreditations

4 Tips for Building a Business in the Digital Age

4 tips for building a business in the digital age

Building a business can be a confusing time, especially when faced with the prospect of digital communications. These interactions have become a staple of any successful business. Find out how you can build your company using the internet and other digital platform tools as a launch pad below.


When you say you are a professional which requires a skill, or specialised knowledge, a blog is a great way to offer your audience free online content. The more Google sees a company blogging unique and helpful content, the more traffic that is sent your way through search-engine results. Blogging also establishes you as an expert or an area professional. The more that you give advice, and communicate with your audience, the more reliable you become to them as a source of information from the industry.

Offer Free Consultations

This can be done through media or print advertising. Really just sales calls, free consultations are a must for businesses that offer specialised services. Consultations tend to be requested once a potential client has done the research and are ready to buy. A consultation gives them the chance to speak with an expert, have their needs addressed and see whether your company is worth them investing their money in.

Social Media

Using social media can help you generate regular interaction with customers. It also allows you to post other content which may be of interest to your customers such as an industry related articles. Social media works best when you are helping people, and people want to read things that are interesting, funny or uplifting – even posting stories that are nothing to do with your industry will get customers engaging.

It is important to constantly maintain your presence; this can be done by giving your social media an injection of personality from profile pictures to personalised cover photos. The key to successfully utilising social media is giving followers something they will love, especially something fresh. Customers love to learn new things and regular posting can increase your chances of audience engagement.

Use Digital Tools

There are so many digital and online tools these days which make running a business easier – and most of them are free. From OneDrive to Dropbox which can streamline communications to an effective electronic filing system, embrace technology and utilise the many business solutions on offer.

GP Practice Managers Find Us on Practice Index

Blog Banner14
Calling all GP Practice Managers! We can now be found on Practice Index for those looking for document scanning and data capture services including medical record scanning.

We have seen more and more GP practices turning to document scanning and digital document management to deal with the large amounts of paperwork and patient records they receive on a daily basis. To reach these practices with our scanning services we decided to list Pearl Scan on this useful and easy to use directory site aimed at providing information and helpful services for practice managers. Why? Because scanning and digitisation is incredibly useful for the future of document management within the healthcare sector and needs shouting from the rooftops.

Benefits of Patient Record Scanning

  • Dealing with patient records digitally reduces file retrieval time. (OCR’d and fully indexed documents can be found instantly.)
  • Patient files are more secure when they are stored digitally with file encryption and password protection.
  • You can abolish high storage costs for off-site storage.
  • You can free up space at the practice that would usually be filled with filing cabinets.
  • Files can be referred to relevant parties is seconds to speed up patient referral times.
  • Reduce costs wasted on paper and printing.

Our Scanning Services

We offer a bespoke yet affordable range of scanning and document management solutions for the healthcare sector which includes the scanning and data capture of all patient records, files and documents associated with practices nationwide. Each service can be tailored to suit the needs of every client to ensure the service provides exactly what they are looking for. If you would like some more information on the document scanning for the healthcare sector services we offer here at Pearl Scan, check out our website or get in touch for a free, no obligation quote for your scanning project.

...and don’t forget to look us up on Practice Index!

More Investments - Large Format Never Scanned So Good!

Banner new scanner
We have more great investments here at Pearl Scan with the addition of a new state of the art large format scanner from Contex.

This new scanner can scan large format documents three times faster than any other scanner of its kind enabling us to have your large format drawings, maps, plans and posters scanned and delivered to you in no time. Contex boasts that the HD Ultra will ‘boost productivity and lower costs.’ We constantly promote how document scanning can save you and your company time, money and space but with this latest equipment, we can pass on even more of these benefits onto you.

So, while we are ecstatic to have such wonderful technology at the scanning bureau, you should be too with the benefits you can gain.

  • You will receive your large format scans in fully digital format in next to no time.
  • With the new machine we can scan 36 inch width AND 42 inch width documents.
  • Contex offers ‘best in class image quality’.
  • The new scanner can handle ‘challenging documents effortlessly’

Scanning large documents increases their accessibility and keeps them safe from loss, theft and damage, not to mentionlarge format scan the costs and space you can save from not having to store bulky hard copies.

Here at Pearl Scan, we offer bespoke UK document scanning services and solutions to many organisations from a wide range of sectors including legal scanning, HR files scanning, education sector scanning and medical record scanning.

If you would like to have your large format documents (whether that’s drawings, maps, posters, artwork, paintings, plans or any other large document) scanned using our new large format scanner then get in touch today or complete our online form for a free, no obligation quote.

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