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Payroll scanning from Pearl Scan helps businesses adhere to HMRC regulations

Pearl Scan adhere to HMRC regulations with HR document scanning and management services offered across the UK, including Manchester, London and Birmingham.

Accounts departments are at the core businesses the world over. They keep the whole company ticking over, collecting payments, chasing up invoices and keeping an eye on budgets. However aside from the day to day duties, there are certain boxes that departments have to tick in order to ensure they are meeting regulations. PAYE and payroll for employers is a prime example of this; accounts departments are expected to keep payroll records for up to six tax years, and failure to do so accurately can result in estimated tax charges and a penalty to pay.

Although a key requirement, it is often difficult for businesses to adhere to such strict guidelines. Storing six years’ worth of payroll records, even for just 30 staff members, takes up an incredible amount of space. And due to the incredible amount of paperwork coming and going on a daily basis, it can often lead to paperwork being lost or damaged. Pearl Scan, one of the country’s finest providers of scanning services to a range of sectors, is highlighting the incredible benefits offered to businesses who make the switch to digital – starting with accounts and payroll departments.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan said,

“Paper documents have been at the core of businesses for many years, however as time has moved on and technology has changed traditional paper processes have moved onto computers and digitised. Yet many businesses are yet to see the benefits of digitising accounts departments – potentially due to the disruption it will cause.

Hiring in professionals to undertake this process however minimises disruption, allowing departments to carry on with their day to day work and simply letting them reap the benefits.”

Digitising documents brings with it a plethora of benefits for businesses. It allows them to keep all documents safe and secure – key for accounts departments – and free up much needed space. Digital documents also allow employees to be more productive due to time spent searching for past documents minimised.

Naveed added,

“Accounts departments deal with so much paper on a daily basis, it is sometimes hard to keep up. Although all business departments can benefit wholly from the digitalisation of work and day to day processes, accounts teams are right up there when it comes to needing to move forward with the times in order to remain productive.”

How to Improve Accounts Payable Processes

How to improve you accounts payable process with Pearl Scan's account payable automation service for organisations throughout the UK, including Manchester, London and Birmingham.

It's essential to implement strategic accounts payable processes that are fast, smart and cost effective

When it comes to chewing up resources, keeping numbers in check is one of the costliest and most time-consuming tasks a business is burdened with. For SMEs on tight budgets, it's essential to implement strategic accounts payable processes that are fast, smart and cost effective. So how can your enterprise augment its approach? Read on for an insider’s guide to improving your accounts payable process.

Utilising invoice data capture services

Today's SMEs enjoy access to cutting edge technologies, and your business should absolutely be leveraging what’s available. Invoice data capture services are designed to manage a myriad of statements and accounts, including supplier invoices, accounts payable, purchase ledgers, sales proof of purchase documents and more.

Typically, businesses are required to manually key paper invoices into their electronic accounting systems. However, this can be extremely time consuming and expensive, especially if professional accountants are paid to complete the process. This is where invoice scanning comes in.

Investing in a scanning solution will arm your business with the ability to automatically capture data in a matter of seconds. This makes the process fast, efficient, accurate and above all, cost effective. We can offer your business three flexible options, as outlined below:

a) We can collect your invoices on the required frequency. Bi-weekly, weekly or monthly - the choice is yours. This is a great option for business in search of a fully managed invoice data capture solution.

b) A dedicated P.O Box can be setup for your suppliers to send invoices to. This ensures that all invoices are directed to one mailbox where we can pick them up straight away.

c) You can scan and upload daily batches of invoices to our FTP. For businesses wanting to minimise costs yet still enjoy the peace of mind that their documents end up in the hands of the pros, this is a streamlined and cost-effective option.

Ready to supercharge your business with an automated accounts payable process that captures all your invoice data, as it arrives? Get in touch with us today to discuss your unique business needs, and how we can help.

How to Automate Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Automation is a service that's offered from Pearl Scan to organisations throughout the UK, including Manchester, London and Birmingham.

We are always looking for ways to speed up the processes we go through in our everyday life with the introduction of digital technology, so why not let that extend to your working life too with automation of accounts payable

Problems with manual processing

manual invoice processing

Processing accounts payable (AP) invoices by the traditional manual method has been throwing up a number of problems for companies in this fast-moving digital age. Some of the common problems faced in AP departments are;

-High costs per document filed.
- Space consumed by large volumes of AP documents.
- Time wasted manually entering all of the data.
- Risks such as loss of AP, human error entering the data and duplicated documents.

Having identified these problems, many companies go in search of a solution and that’s when they come across invoice scanning.

Invoice scanning

Invoice scanning lets you digitise accounts payable documents and store them more efficiently in a digital document filing system. Companies up and down the country have been jumping on board by switching to automatic invoice processing and why not? Many processes in business are already digital from using email to complete correspondence to the use of digital devices everywhere in the modern-day office so it just makes sense to move all business processes towards a digital method.

Why scan invoices?

Benefits of invoice scanning

By scanning your AP documents, you could benefit from one or all of these.

  • Save costs previously wasted on unproductive tasks and errors. (The number of staff needed to complete the task will also be reduced.)
  • Free up office space by destroying documents previously stored there.
  • Get instant access to AP files through simple text searches.
  • With fully searchable documents, you will reduce the amount of time needed to retrieve relevant documents and refile them.
  • You can also get shared access to documents so APs can be shared across different departments easily.
  • All files are more secure when stored in encrypted and password protected files reducing (and even eliminating) the risks of loss, theft and damage.
  • You will also be providing your AP department with an up to date record management system.

Scanning services

The best benefit of them all is that you don't have to try and do the scanning yourself because Pearl Scan can do it for you. Our invoice scanning service is completely bespoke and can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual company whether you're in Manchester, London, Birmingham or anywhere else in the UK.

Our data capture technology can digitise accounts payable documents in high quality with a quick, cost effective, turnaround which is why we have been trusted by a number of companies from a wide range of industries including legal, healthcare, education and finance.

For more information about our account payable automation services, check out our website or give us a call today to discuss your requirements.

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