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Business card scanning and data capture unlocks big data for companies

As well as increasing public visibility and providing a platform for networking, trade shows are a great opportunity for gathering data using contact details collected from business cards. However, after a long and tiresome show, the task of manually inputting the information from each card into a database is arduous and can often lead to errors, yet is essential for continuing the sales cycle once the event is over. Industry leaders in document scanning, Pearl Scan, offer a fast and effective business card scanning service, allowing companies to unlock the big data stored in each card with ease.

Providing a place for business cards to be dropped at a trade show is a great technique for generating leads, and it offers a chance for those that do not have time to engage in conversation to still show their interest in a service. Following up on this is crucial, highlighting the importance of inputting this data accurately and efficiently soon after the show has ended. The business card scanning service from Pearl Scan can streamline this process, allowing businesses more time to analyse the data and act on it instead.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan said, “Trade shows are an exciting time for any company, and often sales managers can be eager to follow up on new, exciting leads as soon as they return, but before they can do this a large amount of admin needs to be done.”   

Ashraf continued, “We offer a specialised business card scanning service so companies can focus on what matters most – contacting their new clients. No matter how many business cards are collected, we can capture and format the data with a very fast turnaround time. All end data can be provided in a range of formats, including Excel, Outlook, CSV and Salesforce, and can be easily integrated into any existing software used by a company.”


As well as offering services for business card scanning, Pearl Scan provide intelligent data capture solutions, capable of recognising and formatting information from a range of survey formats including multiple choice and open ended surveys. 

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