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Business Card Scanning: 21st Century Networking

The rise of the digital age was hailed as the new way to network years ago, with many suggesting that physical interaction was on its way out. However personal networking has continued to play a large role in the business world, with technology seemingly not replacing these old school networking events. However that’s not to say technology cannot improve the way businesses work when it comes to networking and business growth. And one of the best ways to do this is to enhance this established way of doing business by introducing technology into this very recognised process. And looking into a professional business card scanning service is key to this.

Business cards have been a staple of networking for years. And as a result, when people go to networking events they often take business cards with them as a way to leave important information, build relationships, enter competitions and be included on future business communications. And although a smart, quick and effective way of swapping information, collating that information is not so swift. It can be time-consuming and frustrating for people to sift through hundreds of business cards, not to mention manually entering the information into a format that can be used. And this is where business card scanning really comes into its own.

Business card scanning is a fast, reliable and accurate way of collecting data from business cards. Key information such as name, job title, company, email address, telephone number/s and address are all accurately collected before being put into editable documents such as Excel and CSV, which can then be uploaded to a range of CMS systems or email lists, Outlook, which is ideal for mass mailings, and Salesforce, which is used by businesses the world over.

Our accurate and reliable document scanning service offers businesses the most cost-effective, accurate and convenient solution for capturing data from any type of business card – no matter what shape, style format or colour it is. (We know there are some weird and wonderful business cards floating around the corporate sphere.) And as a result, offers an incredible, 21st century way of networking.

We work with small and large businesses, so whether you have a small pile sat there waiting to be scanned from a handful of small networking events, or thousands of businesses cards from a season of events that you just haven’t had time to input yet, we can capture, check and format the data in your desired format in a timeframe that suits you. To find out more about our document management solutions, and how we can help you to implement a paperless office, get in touch.

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