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Big companies are doing It. Why not you?

Moleskine, BBC and American Airlines Are Doing It. Why Not You?

What do the BBC, Moleskine and American Airlines have in common? And no, it's not that they're all solid brands in the worldwide market (although they are). They're all turning to digitisation to modernise and to improve their business.

It's not just these three multi-national corporations either; it's local councils, universities and colleges and public services and this is because they realise that digitisation is the future and that paper is on the way out. Paper will never leave our scope completely, of that ther's no doubt, but it is something of a blemish in a world that could be more economical and could be more environmentally friendly. The production of paper and the inks that go onto it is still something of a controversial issue, one that a lot of governments throughout the world are trying to aid, but one that continues to be a problem; unethical tree farming. Trees are simply not being replaced properly when they are cut down to be used for paper supplies which, in turns, means there's less oxygen in the world and less natural habitat for wild animals to live within.

going digital imageBut beyond the environmental aspect of paper, there are the benefits that all these businesses are seeing from going paperless. There's the fact that efficiency can be improved dramatically through using simple search terms on your computer to find the documents you need rather than seeking through filing cabinets or even storage facilities for hours on end. This naturally means that more can be done in the day and life is made easier for staff and morale is raised. In times like these when we need to get the most we can for our money, efficiency is of the highest priority and digitising files is the modern day equivalent of the computer itself over the type writer, as the type writer was over the handwritten letter.

Digitisation has also helped companies to save thousands of acres of space over the last few years, which in turn can be used for other things. Companies have even been able to move their important documents out of storage which was costing them thousands per month in order to go digital and avoid the recurring fees which, again, is something that companies are benefitting from hugely in the current economical climate.

As people we love the feel of paper, it's what we have gotten used to and as I mentioned before paper will always be around to something of a degree, but it's time that we realised that going digital is the way forward, not just in our electronic and entertainment lifestyles via television and Blu-Ray players, but the way that we work every day whether in our office or at home.

Digitisation save time, money and space, there's no denying that, so there's no reason not to look into it a little deeper.

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