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Benefits of Going Digital - Quicker Sharing

Benefits of Going Digital - Quicker Sharing

In our blog posts, we mention the benefits of going digital quite a lot. So let's just focus on one of those benefits. Quicker Sharing. So what will this benefit mean for you?

Firstly, by going digital and getting your documents scanned and placed onto a digital document management system, you will be able to access and share your documents in a number of ways;


Sending the document/s attached in a quick email to a colleague or client will take just moments to reach its destination making this method a popular one amongst professionals and everyday people alike.


When you hire Pearl Scan's document scanning services, your digital documents can be delivered on a range of mediums including DVD, USB and CD. These can be particularly useful for sharing your documents with others too. These storage methods take up very little space and can be thrown in your pocket or bag for later use. The documents have less chance of getting damaged in the way that paper copies could. *Disclaimer – If your bag is prone to drink spillage, avoid keeping storage devices in there or they will get damaged, obviously.

Online Platform

Sharing on online platforms is quick, easy and secure. This method is much better than sharing paper documents. The security and encryption available on online platforms, including Pearl Cloud, Pearl Scan's specially designed online platform, make it difficult for anyone other than those with permission to view the documents. They make a filing cabinet lock about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Viewing your documentsdigital-document-management

Another benefit of the easy sharing nature of going digital is the range of devices on which you can view the information on your documents. From tablets to laptops to mobile phones and even Google Glass if you're that far ahead with technology.

What does this all mean?

The easy access and sharing benefits of going digital mean that you can, quite simply, work from anywhere. Whether that's catching up on some information on the train to work or working from home, you can reach and share those document to whoever you need to quickly and easily.

You can take the steps to go digital in your office by having your documents scanned and fully digitised by Pearl Scan. If you would like some more information about Pearl Scan's document scanning solutions or any or the other scanning services we offer, get in touch today to speak to a member of our friendly and experienced team.

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