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The Advantages of OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

The image displaying three colleagues reading a scanned document that has had OCR applied to it, enabling them to read the document clearly on the computer monitor. This is one of the advantages you and your company can achieve when you have OCR applied to your scanned document with Pearl Scan.

Those of you who are new to OCR (Optical Character Recognition), or even those of you who are familiar with it, might understand why it may be a useful tool when it comes to digital document storage rather than traditional paper storage, but there are so many advantages of OCR that you might not have thought about. You might even find that some of these will be useful for your company or even sway your decision to have your documents OCR processed.

Let’s look at the advantages of OCR

This image displays example of various clear typed text after applying OCR to the document.
  • Documents will be text-searchable with OCR processing. From that, it gives you the advantage of using the name of your documents, reference numbers, addresses, etc; when searching through your data base.
  • Saving you lots of time when using a digital file rather than paper documents.
  • OCR processing can massively improve your customer services. If you take incoming calls which require you to access documents then having those documents available instantly in digital form can make the overall customer experience better due to the speed of searching for the files they need and the ability to edit their contents easily.
  • Your documents can become editable with OCR. We can convert the files to MS Word and any other editable digital formats.
  • OCR allows you to copy and paste from the document itself whether that's in PDF format or MS Word format.
  • With low costing OCR processing. The advantage is that it can improve how your business operates.
  • OCR is also known to boost staff morale when their working environment is easier to work within and less paper-centric.

Now you know the advantages, what's Next?

Learn more about the potential advantages you and your company can achieve with OCR. We have great experience of scanning documents and applying the process of OCR.
Find out more how we tailor our OCR process to meet your requirements

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