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Advantages of OCR (Optical Character Recognition)


Advantages of OCR

document-scanningThose of you who are new to OCR or Optical Character Recognition, or even those of you who are familiar with it, might understand why it may be a useful tool when it comes to digital document storage rather than traditional paper storage, but there are so many advantages of OCR that you might not have thought about. You might even find that some of these will be useful for your company or even sway your decision to have your documents OCR processed.

So What Are The Advantages of OCR?

  • OCR processing makes your documents 100% text-searchable which is a huge advantage to be able to search through your documents for names, reference numbers, addresses etc.
  • OCR saves you a considerable amount of time compared to searching through your paper based documents in a complicated filing service. With a quick computer-based search, you can find the file you are looking for in seconds.
  • Going by that old phrase, time is money, OCR will also save your organisation a lot of money.
  • OCR can massively improve your customer services. If you take incoming calls which require you to access documents then having those document available instantly in digital form can make the overall customer experience better due to the speed of searching for the files they need and the ability to edit their contents easily.
  • OCR can allow documents to be made editable. We can convert to Microsoft Word and other editable formats so, if contents need changing, they can be changed easily.
  • OCR allows you to copy and paste from the document itself whether that's in PDF format or MS Word format.
  • OCR is considerably more accurate than it used to be so you can expect precision. If you were put off by the lack of speed of the old OCR software, you should give it another try and see just how much has improved.
  • OCR is low cost and is one of the few services which can improve the way your business operates as well as save you space and money, all for that very low cost.
  • OCR is also known to boost staff morale when their working environment is easier to work within and less paper-centric.

What next?more-advantages-of-ocr

It is possible to apply OCR conversion to documents which have already been scanned to PDF, JPG and TIFF format but it can also be done in co-ordination with document scanning services offered here at Pearl Scan.

For more information about our scanning and OCR for files, check out the document scanning category of our blog. If you're interested in either standalone OCR or OCR and document scanning then get in touch today or request a free, no obligation quote through completing the online form by following the relevant links below.

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