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A Survey for the Survey Makers

A Survey for the Survey Makers

Calling all survey makers and takers! Today we have a survey for you. If you rely on surveys and questionnaires on a regular basis, take this survey and find out what solutions Pearl Scan has for you.

1. How important are the following factors in your day-to-day business? (1=Very Important -5= Not Important at all)







Having all of the information you need in one place.


Getting all of your information quickly.


Having your information safe and secure.


Having extra space in your office.


Reducing outgoing costs.


Having an environmentally friendly workspace.



If you answered 1 or 2 for any of the above then please continue. Tick Yes/No in answer to the following questions.





Do you deal with a large amount of surveys?


Are you struggling to find the storage space to keep all of the documents?


Is electronically entering the data taking up too much time?


Would you like all of that worry and stress to be taken off your hands?




If you answered yes to any of the final three questions, we have a solution that may interest you. Of course, the above questionnaires were just a bit of fun but we know that the handling of your surveys and questionnaires is serious. Here at Pearl Scan, we offer a fast and secure data entry and data capture service tailored to suit your specific needs.

Data Capture & Data Entry Processdata-capture-form-magnify

To digitise your surveys, we first program our scanners to collect the data from relevant parts of the documents. Once the scanners know where to pick the information up from and the corresponding place to send it to, we can then feed the pile of documents (whether large or small) through the scanners. This process can take just minutes or even seconds to complete. Any handwritten data will be entered by our fully trained and experienced staff. Once all of the documents have been scanned, they can be converted into various formats including CSV, Excel, XML and Database. To complete the data capture or data entry service, your original hard copy documents can be shredded and safely disposed of on request once you are happy with your online copies.

If you are interested in getting a quote for survey scanning Data Capture or Data Entry services, please get in touch today and speak to one of our friendly team.


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