A Guide to Preserving Printed Family Heirlooms

August 10th, 2015

Receiving family heirlooms and sentimental treasures is a natural part of life for many. Whether it’s a book or a photo album, anything can hold a collection of treasured memories, especially if we lose someone in the future. While such heirlooms can be nice, as they age they run the risk of deteriorating or being lost – something that can be devastating.

Read how you can preserve your printed family heirlooms, allowing them to be passed down for generations to come.

Protecting Photos

Archivists wear white gloves for a reason. Human hands contain oils and salts that can damage photographs – cotton gloves act as a barrier. A hard to spot fingerprint in years to come can become a hard-to-miss brown spot, ruining photos forever. For those who do not like gloves, wash your hands before and after handling photographs.

Tip: Hold your photos by the edges.

Choose the Right Area

Storing your photographs and scrapbooks are just as important as handling them. Choosing a location that isn’t too hot, cold, wet or dry is essential. High temperatures can speed up the rate of decay, while high humidity encourages mould and mildew. Areas with fluctuating humidity can cause documents – especially pictures- to crack.

The right spot can be found in many places. Cupboards that are cool in the summer and warm in winter are best. Areas that will not be exposed to harsh elements and significant changes in temperature are the best bet too.

Digitise Your Heirlooms

Digitising your family photographs means having them immortalized, never to get damaged, wither or go missing. Even if the physical item were to fall into disrepair or become lost, the digital copy will remain in your family forever.

A fast and easy process, items are handled with care and scanned page by page for optimum resolution. Once completed, your heirloom is lovingly handed back to you along with your digitised copy. Available in a multitude of formats, document scanning is ideal for photos, birth certificates and other sensitive items that can get handed down through the family. We can even transfer old family VHS videos to the digital realm so you’ll be able to show your children and grandchildren who won’t even know what a VHS player is.

This also means that families no longer have to worry about losing precious items when moving home or in some form of disaster. Digital immortalization lets heirlooms and memories live on forever. That’s certainly something to tell the kids!

Have you got any printed heirlooms? How upset would you be if they were damaged? Contact us today about our heritage scanning service.