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6 Advantages of Book Scanning

Adavantages of scanning your books.

6 Advantages of Book Scanning

We have mentioned the increasing popularity of e-books and e-readers but what exactly are the benefits of getting books scanned to digital formats? Well, let's take a look...

1. Space saving

As nice as some bookcases can look filled with a wide range of books, sometimes people need to downsize and digitising books is a great solution. You don't need to lose the stories within the books but you can also claim back much-needed space.

2. Weight saving

Before we go on holiday, lots of us attempt to lose weight but we never used to think about reducing our luggage weight by bringing our books in digital format instead. Since the rise of the kindle, more and more people are taking those on holiday as opposed to more than one bulky book. Through book scanning services, you can have your old books scanned into kindle format so you can take them away on your kindle without having the extra weight in your luggage.

3. Protecting books

If you want to future-proof your books and protect them from damage, digitising is the best way to do this. They will be protected from the loss, damage and theft risks that hard copy books present.

4. Restoring damaged books

If your books are already damaged, book scanning can bring them back to life and make them viewable once again.

5. Easier access

Your digital books can be accessed online or on a CD or USB. If you make your book available for purchase to consumers, they can access them easier to and purchase them quicker than hard copy books.

6. Quicker sharing

Now that you have easier access to a huge range of books, they can be shared just as easily. Depending on copyright issues, you can email and share books on an online platform.

Be sure to check copyright on the books before sharing.

Bonus advantage

Not only does book scanning offer the above advantages, there are also two options when digitising your documents with a book scanning service;

Bound/Non-destructive book scanning


Using this method, we can keep your books intact when we scan them using our specialist technology. This particular method is ideal if your original book is rare or a special edition and particularly if the book holds a great deal of sentimental value.

Learn more with a guide to our bound-book scanning and digitising process.

Unbound/Destructive book scanning


Although it sounds drastic, it is easier to scan books by loose pages having sliced the spine cleanly and removed any staples. This service is cheaper and faster and the results can often be clearer.

If you would like to learn more about the book scanning services Pearl Scan has to offer or if you would like to request a quote, get in touch today.

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