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4 Tips for Building a Business in the Digital Age

4 tips for building a business in the digital age

Building a business can be a confusing time, especially when faced with the prospect of digital communications. These interactions have become a staple of any successful business. Find out how you can build your company using the internet and other digital platform tools as a launch pad below.


When you say you are a professional which requires a skill, or specialised knowledge, a blog is a great way to offer your audience free online content. The more Google sees a company blogging unique and helpful content, the more traffic that is sent your way through search-engine results. Blogging also establishes you as an expert or an area professional. The more that you give advice, and communicate with your audience, the more reliable you become to them as a source of information from the industry.

Offer Free Consultations

This can be done through media or print advertising. Really just sales calls, free consultations are a must for businesses that offer specialised services. Consultations tend to be requested once a potential client has done the research and are ready to buy. A consultation gives them the chance to speak with an expert, have their needs addressed and see whether your company is worth them investing their money in.

Social Media

Using social media can help you generate regular interaction with customers. It also allows you to post other content which may be of interest to your customers such as an industry related articles. Social media works best when you are helping people, and people want to read things that are interesting, funny or uplifting – even posting stories that are nothing to do with your industry will get customers engaging.

It is important to constantly maintain your presence; this can be done by giving your social media an injection of personality from profile pictures to personalised cover photos. The key to successfully utilising social media is giving followers something they will love, especially something fresh. Customers love to learn new things and regular posting can increase your chances of audience engagement.

Use Digital Tools

There are so many digital and online tools these days which make running a business easier – and most of them are free. From OneDrive to Dropbox which can streamline communications to an effective electronic filing system, embrace technology and utilise the many business solutions on offer.

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