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3 Reasons You Should Convert Your Book to eBook

3 Reasons You Should Convert Your Book to eBook

When we look at the facts and figures, there's no denying that eBooks have taken off in a big way in the past few years. In 2011, an estimation of 2.5 million Amazon Kindle's were sold. By contrast, in 2013 it is estimated that around 20 million of the eReaders were sold. Although it is difficult to get a fixed number from Amazon, you only have to look around on the morning commute and see people have got on board with the kindle revolution.

And if you needed any more convincing here is a list of three very good reasons why you should too.

sell-books-online1. Sell your book online.

Selling your book online leaves a lot of scope for flexibility. With sites such the extremely popular Amazon Kindle store, you can dictate how you want to sell your book. You can pick a price of your choosing to work in line with the profits you want to make once the distributor fee has been deducted. As well as picking a price, you can also change the price at a time, and for a reason, of your choosing. For example, if you wanted extra publicity for your books you could sell one online at a reduced 'sale' price for people to be able to purchase a bargain book. If they like your writing style and subject, they'll be tempted to purchase your other books at the fixed price thus generating demand for your future work.

sell-ebooks-worldwide2. Your books will be read by people who would never have read them previously.

There are millions of books out there and absolutely millions of readers. Unfortunately not all of those books are going to be seen by all those millions of people but converting your book to a digital format and selling it through eBook retailers will go a long way to helping that. Users of Kindles, iPads, Kobos and other eBook readers are hungrily looking for books, and those readers tend to have books in a queue rather than just reading one book at a time. Selling your books in digital format through sites like Amazon and Apple give you the ability to offer your goods to a much wider audience than ever before, especially if your book is in a specific niche where a simple search will quickly bring up your work.

get-fans-for-your-books3. Build a fan base for your writing like never before.

With eBooks, writers and publishers have the opportunity to include links to external sources within the pages of their book. These features can link to the author's Facebook fan page or twitter feed to assist the expanding of their fan base. Publishers will also be able to include links to other books they have published which may be of interest to the reader.

If you have a book in physical form but lack a digital copy, or have a digital copy that you would like converting to eBook format, Pearl Scan can help. We offer a bespoke book scanning service giving you the choice of scanning your books to a range of formats including kindle, ePub and iBook. Get in touch today for a free, no obligation quote or for some more information about the the way we scan books.

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