Everything You Need To Know About Data Capture


Everything you need to know about data capture

Who uses data capture?

There are a lot of companies out there that work with data capture to find out more about their products, services or just themselves. Many of these companies could probably benefit from data capture services but never have done it.

Data capture is often wondered about and is something that you may have heard of but never really dared to venture into. Everyone from street salesmen to employment agencies to the largest corporations in their huge skyscrapers use surveys and data capture to find out what people think about them and the services they provide. It can prove to be the most vital research to do as it's often better to get an external opinion, rather than your own, on the way that things work.

People who work within the company tend to get absorbed in it and can miss the important things like how good customer service is, what their outgoing personality is like, how they are perceived, among others. These are questions that only people who are unrelated to the company can answer.

Whether you're a small or a major company, surveys are a good way to go and data capture is the best way to gather that information found.

How does data capture work?

Companies like us here at Pearl Scan, will usually have software which can use data capture methods to detect certain areas on the form such as check-boxes or tick-boxes in multiple choice questions. With that software, we can convert the found data into something that is presentable and can be easily read and examined rather than going through lots of surveys one by one. Handwritten areas will be captured manually as the software haven't developed far enough to read handwriting yet as everyone has different handwriting styles. For one person an 'O' (the letter) could be a '0' (zero) or a 'B' could actually be a 'P' etc. However these services are not costly to obtain.

Here are a couple of examples of what can be read automatically by our document scanning software:

Check box capture

Check or tick boxes are fairly simple to capture using our top of the line software. In the past, have you filled in forms and been told to make sure your crosses don't go too far outside the box? Well this is why. When our machines scan the data, they will note down the boxes that have been clearly marked. Technology is a lot better than when this used to be common, but it's still best to be sure.

Multiple choice question capture


Multiple choice questions are easy for the software too. The reason for this is that before we start scanning and collating your information, an initial form will be taken and scanned. The software will then be taught where it needs to check for answers and check boxes so it can give an accurate result. Once this template is in place, it is just a matter of scanning documents and letting the software find the appropriate information.

If you would like some more information about the data capture services we offer here at Pearl Scan, including capturing data from invoices, medical research data capture and customer feedback form capture, please feel free to contact us.

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Reduce storage cost and digitize your files


Store-to-Scan: Another option to reduce storage cost and digitize your files

Our store-to-scan model has revolutionised the way an organisation store documents. Our innovative process can help your company save in storage cost and retrieval costs.

This is how Store-to-Scan works

We collect your document boxes, from your offices or from your storage provider anywhere in the UK, we store the boxes in our safe warehouse facilities free of charge.

Based on your file storage period, we start scanning the most recent files and shred without scanning the expired files.

For example if your file storage period is 6 years and you have files in the archive dating back to 2009. We will start scanning the most recent year's files from 2015, then 2014, 2013 and shred the year 2009 files without scanning in 2016 and year 2010 files in year 2017, and 2011 files in 2018. So in three years the latest three years files will be scanned but the oldest three years shredded.

So in three years, you will eliminate the total cost of storage as well as will have received three years free storage service and spread the cost of scanning over three years.

Typically we scan the following types of documents:

  • HR Records
  • Legal documents
  • Project folders
  • Customers files
  • Legal Case file
  • Property files
  • Delivery notes

Pearl Scanning Company has different document scanning solutions that can be tailor for your company's needs. We provide record scanning solutions and record management solutions throughout the UK, including Manchester, London and Birmingham, no matter how small or big the project. We are a document scanning company certified ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 14001, find out more about our industry certifications.

Read more about Store-to-Scan

Please call 0161 832 7991 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us to discuss your requirements.

Got a lot of paperwork? Don’t get bogged down

Once upon a time paper ruled the world. But how things have changed; paper is now seen as one of the most outdated forms of doing business, with technology taking over previous paper-heavy duties

Pearl Scan, one of the UK's finest providers of document scanning and document management solutions, has urged businesses who feel they have left it too long to join the digital revolution to make the switch - stressing how simple and easy it actually is.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan, said,

"From experience, many businesses feel that, at this point, they have left it too long to make the transformation from paper documents to digital ones. Often claiming it will be too difficult and too much of an upheaval to make the transition, they are deterred simply on the basis of theory. But even if companies have thousands - or even millions - of files and important paper documents, it can all be digitised easily with minimal disruption to workplaces by outsourcing it to professionals."

Pearl Scan's discreet service is what has made it one of the most successful document scanning and document management companies in the country. For 15 years, it has successfully delivered countless high volume and conversion archives to fully searchable digital archive libraries. The company is able to collect, scan and either re-deliver or dispose of documents safely in the background.

The process uses state of the art specialist equipment, and their bulk scanning bureau has the capacity to scan 10 million images per month. This means that all documents can be converted with minimal turnaround time. And what's more, the bulk scanning and conversion often comes in at a much lower cost than many think, providing a wholly positive change within any organisation.