History of Pearl Scan

Our company has a long history, and was formed in 2003. Since then it has developed to continually cater to the document scanning and management needs of its clients.

The history of Pearl Scan begins in 2003 when Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director of Pearl Scan, had a vision for the business potential that could be unlocked by technology. With one customer and a handful of employees, Pearl Scan set out on a path that would not only transform the business of document management services, but also improve the way companies manage their documents all together.

Now, as Pearl Scan is many years and customers stronger than when it started and with a national presence, this is only the beginning of where Pearl Scan plan to be. They get stronger through building on a track record of innovation with a vision proven true throughout every economic and technology shift.

Now more than ever, Pearl Scan is fuelled by the pioneering spirit that inspired its founder to continually transform the document management services.

Definition of Pearl Scan's success through history

  • A belief that “instant-access" to documents help businesses to make better decisions
  • A dedication to innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit that enable Pearl Scan to continually push what’s technically possible
  • An early commitment to collaboration and co-creating solutions with our customers

Pearl Scan's milestones

2003 Pearl Scan was formed, known then as Pearl Reprographics Ltd, to provide outsourced scanning, data capture, reprographics and document management systems.

2004 Pearl Scan moved from north to central Manchester so it could be based in a facility more suited to scanning, and increased the scanning and document processing capacity from 1 million per month to 5 million.

2005 Pearl Reprographics Ltd was rebranded to Pearl Scan Solutions Ltd. With an increased market demand for digital document conversation, this was to provide bespoke solution that cater to SME and public sector clients.

Pearl Scan invested in the development of in-house document management software and launched LazyWorks EDMS system. The small price foot-print and intuitive design made it an ideal departmental document management system.

2007 Our London branch was set up to provide document scanning and management consultancy services to clients based in the central London and the M25 corridor.

2010 A new software division called Pearl Scan Software was created to broaden the quest for further document management software research, development, customisation and application design.

This software development was commissioned so that Pearl Scan could supply its own open source software to its clients, without licensing cost or restriction.

As a result, scanning clients saved thousands of pounds that would be spent on document management software and many happy clients were retained.

In the following year Pearl Cloud was developed to provide a fully managed and hosted, cloud based digital document storage and retrieval platform.

2012 A dedicated legal scanning services division was setup to provide legal, compliance and professional low cost scanning, e-discovery and e-disclosure services.

2013 The scanning bureau was relocated to a building 6 times of its existing size to a new, custom designed scanning and data capture facility. This allowed the scanning HUB to increase its 5 million pages scanning per month capacity to 15 million pages. This makes it one of the leading, high volume document scanning and data capture processing facility in the UK.

2014 Pearl Scan Holding was set up to further raise investment capital in the Group's infrastructure and raise its business profile.

2015 To reflect the changes emerging in document storage and digital document management, the group was rebranded to become a service company, to diversify it from being just a traditional scanning business. The new portfolio of services included high volume traditional scanning of paper and microfilm media, data capture and data entry, invoice automation, digital mailroom and document management systems.

2016 An additional investment was made last year to further enhance our digital mailroom services, dedicated teams and specialist areas of mail/post handling, sorting and processing were designed to provide our customers with even greater, flexible and scalable digital mailroom service.

Pearl Scan's future

With the new business strategy, Pearl Scan aim to continually build upon their previous success in every up-coming financial year. It looks to reduce further costs for clients, particularly in document handling and management, through innovation and a fully managed SaaS model.

Pear Scan has been transformed to Pearl Group as a service company to invest in the following innovative technologies, partnerships and to collaborate with customers to lower costs.

Pearl Scan is committed to continually reduce costs through operational excellence, innovation in technology and collaborative partnerships.

  • Paper
  • Microfilm media
  • Bound books
  • Large format drawings
Data capture
  • Structured forms
  • Semi-structured forms
  • Metadata capture
  • Data entry
Invoice automation
  • Subscription based invoice automation (SaaS) model
Document management
  • On-premise
  • On-cloud
  • Newspaper
  • Archive portal
Digital mailroom
  • Digital mailroom services
  • Waste management
  • GEO referencing
  • SEO services
  • Web design


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In conjunction with the EN BS ISO 9001:2005, 27001, 14001 and in-house implemented quality, security and compliance procedures allow us to deliver peace of mind scanning services to our client. We are an approved document scanning and data capture scanning service provider to many reputable health, education, manufacturing, financial, logistics etc. organisations.

Logo's in which Pearl Scan Group has a number accreditations with including ISO